The Washington Post

Technology News Analysis Writer
The Washington Post is seeking a tech journalist who can write analytical stories off the news, distilling what’s interesting and important and making sense in real time of the rapidly evolving world of technology.

These stories will often be turned around in a number of hours, responding to developments from all corners of Silicon Valley and social media. This writer should be versatile enough to assess a sudden eruption of disinformation, a controversial statement by a tech executive, or a stunning innovation.

This journalist generally will write neither straight news nor opinion, concentrating instead on analysis that helps readers identify critical developments and understand how to think about them. We are looking for someone eager to use a variety of storytelling techniques that appeal to readers, including FAQs, explainers and other non-conventional story forms.

A premium will be placed on original thinking, an engaging and conversational writing style, and a hunger to be widely read and shared. This writer should be able, at times, to have fun with an audience that can be both fascinated and confused by the onslaught of tech news. 
8 February 2021