The Washington Post

Digital Threats Reporter
The Washington Post is seeking an ambitious reporter to cover the vulnerabilities of the digital systems that underpin modern life, the dark forces around the world trying to exploit them and the public and private entities working to shore up our defenses. A dramatic rise in the number of ransomware attacks, including the recent hack of Colonial Pipeline, lends urgency to a beat that will explore how cybercriminals, foreign governments and other disruptive actors can bring chaos to virtually any sector of the U.S. economy and every corner of American society. Computer systems record our credit card purchases and guard our life savings; they regulate the flow of water and electricity; they track the academic progress of our children and make it possible for us to work from home. Responsibility for protecting this vast network falls to an array of government agencies both big and small, cybersecurity contractors, academic researchers and ordinary users, as well as the tech giants themselves. The successful candidate will understand the expansive nature of the beat and have a demonstrated ability to develop a deep network of sources to produce revelatory work. We are looking for someone with an instinct for news – breaking it as well as covering it – and the ability to translate this complex but profoundly important subject for the average reader. We also seek a creative thinker who can identify and seize opportunities for compelling storytelling from locations across America and around the world, both in text and visually. A collaborative spirit is a must: This reporter will work regularly with colleagues on the tech and data teams and with graphics and visual journalists.

27 September 2021