The Washington Post

Energy Reporter
The Washington Post is seeking an ambitious reporter to cover one of the most pressing issues facing humanity: how to power our future without destroying the planet. Our next energy reporter will cover a period of economic and technological transformation with few precedents. This reporter will be expected to break news and write compelling enterprise about the search for renewable power and efforts to reinvent the grid, the rise of electric vehicles, and the remaking of the fossil fuel industry. We want someone who will provide authoritative coverage of the Energy Department and federal energy policy, including the politics and lobbying that shape it, while scrutinizing the promises of companies on green issues and the human consequences of corporate actions. The successful candidate will think broadly about energy policy and demonstrate a talent for on-the-ground storytelling – often in visual formats – throughout the country, and, as necessary, around the world. This reporter also must respond quickly to news, collaborating with colleagues across the newsroom to cover disruptions in energy prices and provision caused by the rising incidence of severe weather and other major events.
13 October 2021