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General Assignment News Desk Editor/Reporter
The Washington Post's General Assignment News D esk is seeking an editor/reporter who can prioritize speed and accuracy while toggling between breaking news and artful storytelling.

The ideal candidate should haveexperience writing and editing on deadline for a major publication, as well as working with reporters who have a variety of skill sets. He or she would focus on writing and reporting, but should be comfortable editing their colleagues' work for a week at a time, or in a pinch on short notice. The candidate must be a skilled, team-first collaborator willing to play the role that helps most from day to day.

The GA desk covers breaking news stories in collaboration with Politics, the America desk, Health, Business, Foreign and beyond. It also is a newsroom leader in delivering our live updates, the rapidly refreshing news tickers often on our homepage. GA writers also produce richly reported and artfully written same-day stories that appeal to a wide range of readers.

This position is based in our Washington newsroom. once we return to normal operations , it will not be eligible for remote work.

The Post strives to provide its readers with high-quality, trustworthy news and information while constantly innovating. That mission is best served by a diverse, multi-generational workforce with varied life experiences and perspectives. All cultures and backgrounds are welcomed. 
25 January 2021