Bankruptcy & Markets Editor
Thinknum Media, the world’s fastest-growing, data-driven media outlet, attracting millions of readers with it’s unique contrarian perspectives on how to get ahead as an investor, business operator and individual is looking for a market savvy editor to cover our bankruptcies & markets beat featuring unique data-driven insights on business failures and the industry disruptors. 

Job Description
You will source story ideas through data, social media and industry scoops
You have strong numeracy skills and the ability to understand various business lines, how they work together, and how these companies operate
You are interested in using different formats (lists, charts, narratives) to tell stories in the most effective way
You have strong writing skills and the flexibility to produce 2-3 stories a day
You will bring creative ideas for stories that can translate complex topics into must-reads for a broader audience
You will meet daily with peers to discuss content plans 
21 August 2020