Thomson Reuters

Climate & Environment Correspondent
Reuters News is seeking an experienced Climate & Environment Correspondent, to be based in Europe. This journalist will be part of our Global Climate & Environment Team tasked with bringing scientific and economic understanding to everyday stories about extreme weather, climate research, global business and climate diplomacy. They will have a sophisticated understanding of the science as well as the economics, politics, demographics and cross-border issues on the beat. When environmental news is breaking in the world, this reporter will be ready to jump in with smart stories that help to explain the environmental or climate connections. This reporter will be a creative self-starter, able to generate story ideas and see them through to completion. They will be an intrepid digger – ready to travel and skilled in interviewing sources and in reporting from the field. They will be comfortable assessing scientific studies, and will have a clear and firm commitment to the journalistic mission. This job is listed as London, but other locations in Europe will be considered.
7 July 2021