Thomson Reuters

Reuters is looking for an ambitious reporter who can dive into France’s  biggest breaking news stories and uncover new facts that no one else has reported. France produces more than its share of globally-significant news stories, from devastating cathedral fires to terror attacks and corporate takeover dramas. On stories like these, most journalists will follow the pack, attending the news conferences, jumping on the statements released by press offices and covering what’s already in plain sight. The person doing this job will set their own agenda on the biggest breaking news stories. Based in France, they will seek out the untold back story behind the massive news event, they will uncover implications from the news that no one knew about, they will unearth details that some of those involved want to keep hidden. The correspondent will need to uncover new facts  within the crucial 96 hours after the news event, when the eyes of the world are still on the story. The person we hire will have a nose for a story.  They will have insight into parts of French society that are outside the mainstream. They will be driven, and resourceful, and will have an enterprising spirit which allows them to find information when the usual avenues are blocked. And they will not be afraid to split off from the media pack to uncover untold stories.
21 June 2021