Thomson Reuters

Cybersecurity Correspondent, EMEA
Reuters News is seeking an experienced journalist to join our global cybersecurity reporting team. This position is likely to be based in London, though other locations in the region may be considered. In recent years hacking has emerged as a major national security and law-enforcement issue affecting governments, businesses and consumers around the globe. Numerous countries now employ hacking armies for espionage, occasional sabotage, and in some cases even for revenue generation. Criminal gangs are driving an epidemic of ransomware globally. Even bored teenagers with computer skills can wreak havoc. With defensive measures lagging far beyond sophisticated offensive methodologies, the cybersecurity crisis is likely to be with us for some time.  Cybersecurity reporting presents unique challenges due to the highly secretive nature of the field and the shadowy characters involved. By the same token, it can be richly rewarding, with many opportunities for the kind of high-impact journalism that the Reuters cyber team has delivered consistently in recent years.
15 June 2021