Thomson Reuters

U.S. Business of Space Correspondent
 Reuters is looking for a U.S. Business of Space Correspondent to dig into the booming corporate and government space race. At stake are riches, egos and potentially the colonization of Mars. Billionaires Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson are the faces of the new private side, pitting SpaceX, Blue Origin and Virgin Galactic and a range of start-ups against an old guard including Boeing. Meanwhile, NASA has announced its own, multibillion-dollar effort to return America to the moon. This U.S. Business of Space Correspondent will cover the business of launching objects into space, space tourism and the competition to build satellite-based communications systems. This beat is more about industry than science, but the successful reporter will delve into the technological details and understand the players’ different engineering and marketing strategies. A hunger for scoops and a desire to work with multimedia teams is a must. Key news to break will include big deals, technological problems and advances and moves of key engineers and, of course, the next steps in the unfolding battle of the billionaires.
13 December 2021