Thomson Reuters

U.S. Editor, Reuters Breakingviews
The world’s leading financial commentary publication is looking for a world-class editor to take charge of its agenda-setting coverage of companies, banks, deals and policy in the United States. This is a unique opportunity to shape opinion on companies, finance and regulation in the world’s biggest capital market as executives and financiers grapple with rising inflation and interest rates, the ongoing disruption of new technology, the fragmentation of global supply chains, a changing climate, unpredictable government policy, and complex social pressures. The U.S. editor will lead our crack squad of columnists, editors and production editors in North America and have responsibility for developing and strengthening the team. They will work closely with other editors in the United States and around the world to conceive of and launch new editorial initiatives. To fill this important role, we are looking for an experienced financial journalist with a proven track record of writing and editing well-informed and punchy commentary. Building on our reputation for clarity, accuracy and insight the U.S. editor will combine access to senior executives, investors, dealmakers and government officials with razor-sharp analytical skills, fresh ideas, and the ability to explain complex concepts to an international audience.
4 July 2022