U.S. News and World Report

VP, Corporate Communications
U.S. News empowers everyone to thrive. In this VP of Corporate Communications position, you will be responsible for leading the company’s integrated communications functions – including public relations, social media and internal communications – to help further our mission of helping people make the best decisions. You will have the opportunity to leverage your strengths and skills to oversee the development, integration, execution and evolution of an innovative and strategic communications plan. Your plan will raise awareness of U.S. News and its content and product offerings with the media and influencers, grow our audience and cultivate the U.S. News voice and brand in the marketplace. The ideal candidate for this position will be mission driven, innovative, use data to support goals for audience and revenue, have strong media ties, a proven record of driving earned media across markets and experience implementing social media strategies. The VP, who reports to the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Content Officer, will work closely with the leadership team and regularly strategize with editorial, product, business intelligence, sales and marketing on the execution of effective external and internal communications and social strategies.
10 May 2021