U.S. News & World Report L.P

Editor, Investing
U.S. News empowers everyone to thrive. In this position, you will use your strengths and skills to edit investing advice content for consumers that covers a wide range of topics, as well as B2B content aimed at financial advisors. You’ll edit articles and slideshows that help people make smarter decisions when it comes to stocks, funds, portfolio management, retirement investing, brokerages and financial advisors. You’ll also work with freelance writers; help curate and review our weekday newsletter, Invested, and our Advisor Weekly B2B newsletter; and use analytics tools to monitor the performance of our content. In this role, you’ll work with our communications team to promote our content on social media and with other media outlets, as well as work closely with digital producers, SEO experts and product team members to deliver helpful and actionable advice content to our readers.
3 September 2021