Senior PR Manager
Vanguard Corporate Communications is the Voice of Vanguard to clients, crew, and other key stakeholders. We recognize and embrace the responsibility we have in giving clients the best chance of investment success, so we seek to inspire, inform, and educate in all we do. The public relations function is paramount in telling the Vanguard story. For more than four decades, Vanguard has cultivated a reputation with the news media as being an accessible, responsive, candid, and resourceful source for reporters around the globe. Vanguard is also differentiated by adhering to a simple but effective communication approach – being a clear, credible, candid, and contrary voice in the industry. As a member of our PR Americas leadership team, you will oversee the public relations program and team supporting our intermediary business — Financial Advisor Services (FAS). Financial Advisor Services is our largest business, a representation
24 November 2021