Senior Policy Manager
 This is a key full-time role focused on Visa's regulatory affairs in France, Belgium and Luxembourg (FBL). The Senior Policy Manager – FBL will have strategic oversight of, and responsibility for working with the VP of Government Engagement for Continental Europe to craft and sustain Visa’s governments and regulatory operations. The role entails developing and driving Visa's government engagement strategy by analysing the regulatory environment Visa operates in, understanding potential scenarios, assessing their implications for Visa, prioritizing issues, developing Visa's positions and relevant argumentations and effectively engaging with regulatory bodies, policy makers, public sector agencies and other relevant stakeholders. The Senior Policy Manager will be responsible for the development and execution of Visa’s public engagement strategy and the day-to-day management of government and regulatory relations. This role entails the management of a network of key policymakers, regulators, government affairs advisors, industry associations and think tanks.
8 July 2021