Features Editor
As WIRED grows and becomes more global, we are investing further in the deeply reported, carefully crafted longform storytelling that is one of our hallmarks. We are looking to add to our already sizable team of full-time editors assigning and editing these feature stories. A WIRED features editor  knows the difference between a topic and a story, can guide a writer in their reporting to bring out the most compelling characters and story elements, is skilled at structuring longform narratives for maximum impact, and is a deft line editor with a love of elegant writing and zero tolerance for jargon. You will work with both WIRED staff writers and freelancers, and in either case you should be someone who derives joy from helping talented writers grow. You should be good at delivering clear, thorough, and empathetic feedback, be a font of ideas, and come with a roster of diverse and talented freelance writers. The job can be based in WIRED’s San Francisco or New York offices, but location is flexible.
17 June 2021