Reporter, Markets
The Wall Street Journal is looking for a London­-based reporter who loves exploring the intricacies of financial markets and wants to share stories with the Journal’s three million readers from one of the most exciting cities on earth. The ideal candidate wakes up each morning wanting to decipher in real time why markets are moving and to dive into the global conversation about markets and the economy. The terrain is vast. We treat London as a listening post for global capital flows and expect our reporters to range across subjects and assets, be it stocks, bonds, currencies (crypto included), commodities or derivatives — as well as in newfangled assets not yet invented. You should also be eager to step back and produce the types of deep dives, investigations and profiles that distinguish the Journal's coverage.

You should have experience covering markets and an ability to demystify situations for readers quickly. You will need to ferret out the winners and losers in the biggest global financial trades and be curious about banking, finance, companies, investing and central banks. Also, you should love charts. Markets is a visual medium, and you should be adroit at using data, charts and other graphics to display and distribute your journalism.
2 October 2020