Reporter, Samsung
The Wall Street Journal is looking for an aggressive reporter to cover Samsung Electronics and the global tech world where it roams. The job, based in Seoul, touches many of the day’s hottest business topics, from the U.S.-China trade dispute, the 5G arms race and the smartphone industry’s existential crisis. Samsung is one of the world’s biggest tech companies. Its fingerprints, as a manufacturer or supplier, exist on nearly every electronics gadget, providing a terrific platform for a reporter excited to explain how technology affects people around the world.

We are looking for someone who can break news and drive the discussion about Samsung. You should also view the job more broadly than Samsung itself, using the company as a vessel to unlock tech and economic stories in the U.S., Asia and elsewhere. The stories can pop up wherever Samsung exists — and that may be at a London art house cinema, an industrial park outside New Delhi or inside the American living room.
18 November 2019