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Organizer Fintech Americas
Submission deadline 26 Feb 2021 5:00pm EST (almost 2 years ago)
Region Americas

For the last five years Fintech Americas’ Financial Innovators of the Americas Awards has recognized and honored the innovative banks and financial players across the Americas that are leading the way in transforming their organizations and the lives of the customers they serve. The Awards seek to identify, highlight and promote the individuals, teams and projects that are re-imagining finance in the Americas to be faster, more efficient and more inclusive. Since 2015 over 100 awards have been given out with award nominations growing 50% year over year. Given the growing interest in the awards throughout the Americas (Mexico, Brazil, South America, the Andean region, Central America and the Caribbean), the format allows for both country-specific recognition, via the Country Awards and cross-regional recognition, via the Disrupt Awards.

The Country Awards – leveling the playing field and opening up the innovation opportunity to all
The Disrupt Awards – the ultimate recognition of the biggest and boldest financial innovations happening across the Americas

The 5th Annual Financial Innovators of the Americas Award program will put a spotlight on the financial service innovations and ideas that are resulting in faster, more efficient and customer-centric organizations, products and services. Nominees are encouraged to submit across any of the following categories:
• Disruptive Innovation in Financial Services
• Customer Experience (CX) & Engagement Innovation
• Product or Service Innovation
• Channel Innovation
• RegTech Innovation
• Blockchain Innovation
• Big Data, Analytics and Artificial Intelligence Innovation
• Strategic Innovation
• Business Model Innovation
• Social Impact Innovation
• Payments and Wallets Innovation
• Back Office Innovation
• Marketing Innovation
• Financial Inclusion
• Innovation in Workplace Culture
• Innovations with Fintech Partners
• Corporate Banking Innovation
• Wealth Management Innovation
• Insurtech Innovation

Past winners

2020 Past Winners


PLATINUM: Francisco José Mejía
Presidente, Banco Agrario de Colombia

GOLD: Carlos Marmolejo
Director Ejecutivo de Innovación, Santander

SILVER: Rosario Flores Vidal
Gerente de Productos, Bind

SILVER: Luis Alfonso Carrera


• Argentina

PLATINUM: Rosario Flores Vidal
Gerente de Productos
Category: Channel Innovation

GOLD: Milagro Medrano
Gerente de Relaciones Institucionales y Atención al Cliente
Category: Channel Innovation

SILVER: David Estevez
CIO, Grupo Petersen
Category: Big Data, Analytics and Artificial Intelligence Innovation


PLATINUM: Pablo Bedoya Saenz
Presidente Ejecutivo
Categor: yChannel Innovation

GOLD: Hernan Gonzales
Gerente de Responsabilidad Social
Category: Social Impact Innovation

SILVER: Rodrigo Valdez Goytia
Gerente de División de Soluciones Digitales y Experiencia Cliente
Category: Big Data, Analytics and Artificial Intelligence Innovation


PLATINUM: Daniel Kennedy
VP, Digital Bank
Category: Business Model Innovation


PLATINUM: Luis Motta Narvaez
Gerente Nacional de Innovación Digital, Banco Agrario de Colombia
Category: Financial Inclusion

GOLD: Miguel Charria Liévano
Presidente Ejecutivo, Bancamia
Category: Channel Innovation

SILVER: Patricio Melo
Vicepresidente Ejecutivo de Operaciones y Tecnología, Davivienda
Category: Channel Innovation


PLATINUM: Javier Chacon
Gerente de Canales Electrónicos y Adquirencia
Category: Payments and Wallets Innovation


PLATINUM: Alan Muñoz
Executive Vicepresident, Banco Fihogar
Category: Innovations with Fintech Partners


PLATINUM: Luis Aguirre
Gerente de Transformación Digital, Banco del Pacifico

GOLD: Angelo Caputi
CEO, Banco Guayaquil

SILVER: Santiago Jarrin
Chief Digital Officer, Banco Pichincha
Category: Back Office Innovation


PLATINUM: Carlos Turcios
Presidente Ejecutivo, Banco Atlandia
Category: Channel Innovation

GOLD: Carlos Novoa Gonzalez
Vicepresidente, Banco Agricola
Category: Customer Experience (CX) & Engagement Innovation


PLATINUM: Carlos Vides
Gerente de Banca Moderna, Banco Industrial
Category: Product or Service Innovation

GOLD: Jorge Soto Balcarcel
Director de la División de Operaciones y Tecnología / COO & IT, Bantrab


PLATINUM: Carlos Marmolejo
Director Ejecutivo de Innovación, Santander

GOLD: Miguel Valero
Director Ejecutivo Banca Digital

SILVER: Alejandro Morales
CEO, Prosa


PLATINUM: Andres Farrugia
Gerente General, Caja de Ahorros

GOLD: Rodrigo Gonzalez Paniza
VPE de Innovación, Transformación y Experiencia, Banesco
Category: Innovations with Fintech Partners

SILVER: Aimee Sentmat
Presidenta Banistmo, Nequi
Category: Business Model Innovation


PLATINUM: Luis Carrera
Líder de YAPE, BCP
Category: Payments and Wallets Innovation

GOLD: Jose A. Quisocala
Fundador Gerente, BEB
Category: Financial Inclusion


PLATINUM: Mariel Arraiza
Senior Vice President, Popular
Category: Popular