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Organizer Trinity Media & Marketing Solutions
Submission deadline 3 Jan 2022 5:00pm IST (in 27 days)
In your time zone: Jan 3 6am EST
Date Awarded 12 Feb 2022 5:00pm IST (in 2 months)
In your time zone: Feb 12 6am EST
Region APAC

AI WORLD AWARDS is a platform recognising excellence in AI across sectors and industry. We have categories from Medical, Health Care, Financial Service, Banking, Retail, Infrastructure, Agriculture, CSR, Urban Development, Gaming, etc. AI World Awards is an event acknowledging initiators in the technology. The criterion is to first fill the nomination form with all the required details to be shortlisted on the basis of information, which is adequate with proper support. It is a "CUSTOMER RESPONSIVE AWARDS" - 50% of the weightage is based on the customer testimonials and their good reference about the company. The customers will rate the shortlisted companies by filling the Audience Poll form and submit their response with a rating from 1 - 5. The value 1 is the highest and 5 being the smallest. The matrix will help us to prepare the scorecard of each company selected in the respective categories. "KIC" is the basis of our process validation selecting the winners ie - KNOWLEDGE, IMPLEMENTATION & CUSTOMER RESPONSIVENESS


AI Research Awards
• Best Research Paper (MSc or Undergrad)
• Best PhD Thesis
• Best New Algorithm for AI
• Best Research Company for AI
• Best Academy for research

AI Technical Awards
• Best Technical Implementation for AI
• Best Framework for AI
• Best Cloud Platform for AI
• Best Hardware for AI
• Best Human Intelligence into the AI Lifecycle

AI Industry Awards
• Best AI Startup
• Best AI in the Enterprise
• Best AI in the Public Sector
• Best AI in CSR
• Best Incubator for AI
• Best Venture Capital Firm for AI
• Best AI Consultancy
• Best AI Integrator
• Best AI Community

AI Business Applications Awards
• Best AI in Robotics
• Best AI in Education
• Best AI in Banking or FinTech
• Best AI in Legal Profession
• Best AI in Food
• Best AI in Health and Medicine
• Best AI in Public Safety
• Best AI for Automation
• Best AI for NLP, NLU or NLG
• Best AI for the Senses (Vision, Sound, Smell, Touch and Taste)
• Best AI in the Arts & Entertainment (Music, Literature, Sculpture, Visual)
• Best AI in Insurance
• Best AI in Retail
• Best AI in Fashion
• Best AI in Security and CyberCrime Protection
• Best AI in Logistics
• Best AI in Government and Politics
• Best AI in Marketing and Advertising
• Best AI in Human Resources
• Best AI in Climate Change, Farming and Agriculture
• Best AI for IoT
• Best AI for Self Driving Vehicles

AI Customer Applications Awards
• Best AI in Customer Service
• Best Consumer Application of AI
• Best use of AI for Personal assistant
• Best use of AI in a Financial Application
• Best AI for Gaming and Virtual Reality

AI Special Awards
• Award for Journalism and Analysis
• Award for Responsible AI and Ethics
• AI Application of the Year
• AI Company of the Year
• AI Person of the Year
• Lifetime Achievement Award
• Special Achievement Award

AI Junior Awards
• Best Junior AI Project
• AI Youngster of the Year