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Submission deadline 7 Apr 2022 5:00pm EDT (about 1 month ago)
Date Awarded 22 Jun 2022 5:00pm EDT (in about 1 month)
Region Americas

Technology has become an integral part of our lives and our businesses even as it evolves at an ever-faster rate. Insurance industry practitioners – insurers, brokers, claims services providers, providers of other insurance services – have made innovative and beneficial uses of these technologies to gain a competitive edge, or to at least remain competitive.

As early adopters, insurers have been deploying computer technologies for more than half a century. The gradual evolution to digital processing took on new urgency in recent years when some began to take a more radical and aggressive approach by completely redesigning processes to take utmost advantage of digital capabilities. This digital transformation continues under such umbrella terms as innovation, disruption, and InsurTech. All terms relate to organizations seeking to gain or maintain a competitive advantage in this industry, invariably using technology as a key strategic component.

The Insurance Canada Technology Awards – the “ICTAs” – highlight and celebrate the use of technologies that impact insurance. They have been awarded annually since 2010 at the Technology Conference.