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Organizer PAM Insight
Date Awarded 26 May 2022 5:00pm UTC (in 4 months)
In your time zone: May 26 1pm EDT
Region EMEA

The PAM Awards are the most sought after awards in the UK wealth management sector, covering the consistency of both investment performance and client service levels. The combination of independence, rigour and transparency in the PAM Awards programme is unique, in a world where other awards are determined by commercial and vested interests. Neither sponsors, nor PAM Awards judges can enter the PAM Awards. Each year, only the most competitive Private Asset Managers enter the PAM Awards and subject themselves to an exhaustive, often intrusive syndicated due diligence exercise carried out by an expert panel of leading independent professionals.

• Investment Performance: Cautious Portfolios
• Investment Performance: Defensive Portfolios
• Investment Performance: Growth Portfolios
• Investment Performance: High Growth Portfolios
• Emerging Manager
• Innovation
• Digital Wealth Solution
• Sustainable Investment Solution
• Client Service Quality - HNW (£1m-£50m)
• Client Service Quality - UHNW (£50m+)
• Positive Impact
• Total Wealth Planning – HNW (£1m +)
• Total Wealth Solutions Provider - UHNW (£50m+)
• Lifetime Achievement (occasional award)