Tokyo Big Sight
Tokyo Big Sight, 3-chōme-11 Ariake, Koto City, Tokyo 135-0063, Japan

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Event Date Mon Apr 26 JST - Wed Apr 28 JST (6 months ago)
In your timezone (EDT): Mon Apr 26 1:00am - Wed Apr 28 2:30am
Location Tokyo Big Sight
3-chōme-11 Ariake, Koto City, Tokyo 135-0063, Japan
Region APAC

The Japan IT Week Spring in Tokyo is one of the largest trade shows for all types of web and mobile marketing in Japan. This exhibition is communication and information platform in the industry and offers the exhibiting companies the opportunity to present to an audience of experts here. Visitors can find in depth and comprehensive information here about the latest developments, trends, products and services in various fields.


2021 Speakers

Hisayuki Ishizumi
Senior Executive Officer, Google Cloud Japan

Naotaka Hayashi
Executive Officer in charge of CRM Promotion

Klaus Meda
President and CEO, Bosch Corporation

Juichi Tsuboya
Executive Officer General Manager of 5G / IoT

Sawa Yen
CEO, Ensou Co., Ltd.

Shinichiro Sunakin
Executive Officer AI Company / Company CEO, LINE Co., Ltd.

Toshiyuki Shimizu
Principal Engineer, Platform Development Headquarters, Fujitsu Limited

Takashi Okutani
Co-CEO Director, Customer Time Co., Ltd.

Hiroshi Esaki
Professor, Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, University of Tokyo Graduate School

Yoshinori Ichikawa
Director, UUUM Co., Ltd.

Noriaki Izumi
Commerce and Information Policy Bureau, Information Economy Division, Architecture Strategy Planning Office, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

Kouhei Matsushita
Technology evangelist, Soracom Co., Ltd.

Tamiya Onodera
Deputy Director, Tokyo Research Laboratory, Doctor of Science, IBM Japan Ltd.

Kazunori Satomi
President and CEO, Opuro Co., Ltd.

Hiroshi Sasaki
Managing Executive Officer General Manager of Manufacturing IT Innovation Business Headquarters General Manager of Business Solution Business Headquarters, NTT DATA Corporation

Yuji Maeda
President and CEO, SHOWROOM Co., Ltd.

Yasuhiro Saito
Director, EC Division, Yamato Transport Co., Ltd.

Taro Shimada
Officer, Chief Digital Officer, Toshiba Digital Solutions Corporation / President

Fuminori Saga
Country General Manager, ZVC Japan Co., Ltd. (Zoom)

Issora Noguchi
General Manager of 5G / IoT Service Planning Department, Service Planning and Development Headquarters, KDDI CORPORATION

Masahiro Asakawa
Executive Officer General Manager of Digital Business Department, Japan IBM Digital Service Co., Ltd.

Nobuyuki Ohsumi
Representative Director, Executive Officer, President, RPA Technologies Co., Ltd.

Koichi Hasegawa
CEO, UiPath Co., Ltd.

Yusuke Kato
Director and Technology Innovation Business Manager, Agoop Co., Ltd.

Yu Kawamura
Marketing Technology Business Headquarters Commercial Sales Department Manager, Geniee Co., Ltd.

Tomoya Soma
Senior Data Analyst, Corporate Business Development Headquarters, NEC Corporation

Kiyoshi Someya
General Manager, Digital Promotion Department, Marketing Headquarters, UCC Ueshima Coffee Co., Ltd.

Kei Shindo
Executive Officer Product Development Headquarters Next Generation Business Preparation Office / dip AI. Lab General Manager, DIP Corporation

Hidenori Kanda
General Manager of Solution Consulting Headquarters, Blue Prism Co., Ltd.

Masahiko Kuroiwa
Environmental and Quality Promotion Headquarters Evangelist, NEC Corporation

Toshio Nawa
Managing Director / Senior Analyst, Cyber ​​Defense Institute Inc.

Ken Saito
Director, Information and Communication Platform Research Institute, Research and Development Center, Toshiba Corporation

Takayuki Sugiura
Representative Director, (One company) Japan Hacker Association

Ning Akira Onori
CEO, Vanish Standard Co., Ltd.

Shirasaka success
Professor, Graduate School of System Design and Management, Keio University Graduate School

Yuji Yamakawa
Director, Digital Transformation Division, Givery Co., Ltd.

Yuta Iidaka
Executive Officer CMO and IS Officer, Hotlink Co., Ltd.

Makoto Shimizu
President and CEO, Arise Innovation Co., Ltd.

Asahiko Nakata
Chief Officer Office Related Business Promotion Department Planning Staff, Isetan Mitsukoshi Holdings Co., Ltd.

Yuichi Goto
MD Management Department Promotional Product Department Staff Manager, Isetan Mitsukoshi Co., Ltd.

Choichi Hasegawa
Senior Researcher, Cyber ​​Grid Japan, LAC Co., Ltd.

Taku Ogawa
CEO, Happy Analytics Co., Ltd.

Eiichi Mori
Planning and Production Management Department General Manager, Ecbeing Co., Ltd.

Seiichi Sampei
Professor, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University

Sponsors & Partners

2021 Exhibitors

• 9livesdata Sp. Z O.o. Sp.k.
• A10networks K.k.
• Aby3 Secure System Corp.
• Actian Corp.
• Acxiom Technologies
• Advanced Media Inc.
• Advantech Japan Co., Ltd.
• Aecom Inc.
• Ag-tech Corp.
• Agileware Inc.
• Aidma Holdings Inc.
• Ainix Corp.
• Akatsuki Electric.mfg. Co., Ltd.
• Alphaboat Llc
• Alps System Integration Co., Ltd.
• Am Telecom Co., Ltd.
• Amnimo Inc.
• Analytics Japan Co., Ltd.
• Antenna House Inc.
• Any Inc.
• Application-focus Co.
• Araxis Ltd.
• Area Market Inc.
• Arise Innovation, Inc.
• Arsystem Co., Ltd.
• Asus Japan Co., Ltd.
• Atmark Techno, Inc.
• Aval Data
• Bcn
• Bellchild Co., Ltd.
• Bestskip Co., Ltd.
• Blueport, Inc.
• Boolejapan Co., Ltd.
• Brains Technology Inc.
• Cacco
• Cathay Tri-tech., Inc.
• Century Systems Co., Ltd.
• Chatplus Co., Ltd.
• Chatwork Co., Ltd.
• Chubu Electric Power Grid Co., Inc.
• Computerdynamics Corp.
• Comsys Joho System Co.
• Conexio Corp.
• Contec Co., Ltd.
• Cowbell Engineering Co., Ltd.
• Crescent Co., Ltd.
• Cse Co., Ltd.
• Cyberfortress Inc.
• Cybernex Co., Ltd.
• Cybertech Corp.
• D-clue Technologies Co., Ltd.
• Dataclasys Co., Ltd.
• Denso Create Inc.
• Designet
• Devote Solution Inc.
• Dmc Co., Ltd.
• Do Epion
• Dos Co., Ltd.
• Dts Insight Corp
• Dux Inc.
• Dx Antenna Co., Ltd.
• Dym Co., Ltd.
• E-jan Networks
• E-logit Co.,
• Ebrain Inc.
• Ec&marketing Co., Ltd.
• Ecbeing Corp.
• Eltex
• Fdc Inc.
• Finshot Co., Ltd.
• Fixpoint Inc.
• Focus Systems Corp.
• Forval Co.
• Fourm Co., Ltd.
• Free Square Co., Ltd.
• Fuji Infox-net. Co., Ltd.
• Gendai Agency Inc.
• Genetec Corp.
• Genetec Japan K.k.
• Genz Inc.
• Giken Shoji International Co., Ltd.
• Givery Inc.
• Givery Inc.
• Global Style Co., Ltd.
• Gmo Globalsign Holdings K.k.
• Gmo Makeshop Co.,
• Gmo System Consulting Co., Ltd.
• Gn Audio Japan Ltd.
• Grape Systems Inc.
• Gri Arts Inc.
• Gri Inc.
• Hagiwara Solutions Co., Ltd.
• Hakaru Plus Corp.
• Co.
• Hblab Japan
• Inc
• Heligate
• Heligate Japan Llc
• Hexabase Inc.
• Human Resocia Co., Ltd.
• Hytec Inter Co., Ltd.
• Ibs Japan Co., Ltd.
• Icom Inc.
• Icon Corporation
• Idein Inc.
• Idrasys
• Idule
• Ili Research Institute Inc.
• Infonet Inc.
• Infoscience Co.
• Innotech Co
• Iotbank Co., Ltd.
• Isb Corporation Co.
• Isetan Mitsukoshi Holdings Ltd
• Ishii Field Servic
• Itc
• Itecgroup
• Itecjapan Co., Ltd.
• Japan Direx Co.
• Japan Marketing Research Organization Inc
• Japan Media Systems Co.
• Japan Novel Corp.
• Japan Renewable Energy Co., Ltd.
• Jbcc Corporation
• Jfe Shoji Electronics Corporation
• Jins Co., Ltd.
• Jsol Corporation
• Justsystems
• Kaga Fei Co., Ltd.
• Kamome Engineering Inc.
• Kanazawa Engineering Systems Inc.
• Kaopiz Inc.
• Kimoto Express Electronic Design
• Kisco Co.
• Knowledgesuite Inc.
• Kobata Gauge Mfg. Co., Ltd.
• Kogyo Tsushin Co., Ltd.
• Kuzumi Electronics Inc.
• Kyocera Corp.
• Kyoeisangyo Co., Ltd.
• Landscape Co., Ltd.
• Layerx Inc.
• Legalforce Inc.
• Leo Mart Co.
• Levtech Co., Ltd.
• Liveperson Japan K.k.
• Logitec Ina Solutions Co., Ltd.
• Lrm Corp.
• Luvina Software
• Majisemi Ltd.
• Mapquest Co.
• Marimo Electronics Co., Ltd.
• Marubun Corp.
• Maruei Information System Inc.
• Marunix Co., Ltd.
• Meicodenshi Co.
• Metamoji Corp.
• Metatechno Inc.
• Metech Co., Ltd.
• Mi Inc.
• Micro-star International Co., Ltd.
• Miichisoft Japan Co.
• Miroku Jyoho Service Co., Ltd.
• Mitachi Co., Ltd.
• Mitsubishi Research Institute Dcs Co., Ltd.
• Mitsukoshi Isetan Holdings Co.
• Mizuho Research & Technologies Ltd.
• Mothersonsumi Infotech & Designs K.k.
• Mothersonsumi Infotech & Designs Limted
• Mssolutions Co., Ltd.
• Mtame Inc.
• Mugenup Inc.
• Multi-tech Systems Inc.
• Co., Ltd.
• Nagano Japan Radio Co., Ltd.
• Nankai Universit Chuangyuan Information Technologies Co., Ltd.
• Nanoconnect Inc.
• Nasscom
• Natec Inc.
• Nds Co., Ltd.
• Needs Well Inc.
• Neojapan Inc.
• Neos Corporation
• Neousys Technology Inc.
• Neplus K.k.
• Netreqs Co., Ltd.
• Newcom Inc.
• Nextep Solutions Inc.
• Nichi-in Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
• Nihon System Kaihatsu Co., Ltd.
• Nippo Electronics Co., Ltd.
• Nippon Computer Systems Corporation
• Nippon Rad Inc.
• Nippon Software Knowledge Corp.
• Nissin Systems Co., Ltd.
• Nitto Kogyo Corp.
• Nkia Co., Ltd.
• Nmr Corp.
• Nobby Tech Ltd.
• Noshikumi Inc.
• Ntq Japan Inc.
• Ntt Data Corporation
• Ntt Data Mathematical Systems Inc.
• Ntt Neomeit
• Ntt Technocross Corp.
• Nttdata Corp.
• Obic Business Consultants Co., Ltd.
• Ogis-ri Co., Ltd.
• Oi Electric Co., Ltd.
• One Wedge Inc.
• Onedaywork Ltd.
• Onion Shinbunsya Co., Ltd.
• Onycom Inc.
• Open Source Innovation Labs Ltd.
• Open8 Inc.
• Os. Co., Ltd.
• Ostiaries, Inc.
• Oyo Electric Co., Ltd.
• Paltek Corp.
• Panasonic Co.
• Persolinnovation
• Pise Co., Ltd.
• Plaid Inc.
• Plott
• Preemptive Solutions Llc
• Pridze Inc.
• Privatech Inc.
• Protech Japan Co., Ltd.
• Puerto Co., Ltd.
• Pulax Co.
• Qualitycube
• R Systems
• R Systems International Ltd.
• Railway Information Systems Co., Ltd.
• Rakumon Inc.
• Rakus
• Rakus Co., Ltd.
• Reliable System Supply Ltd.
• Relipa Co., Ltd.
• Repohappy Inc.
• Repro Inc.
• Research Institute of Systems Planning Inc.
• Rgs Information System Co., Ltd.
• Rikai Co., Ltd.
• Roomclip Inc.
• Ryoyo Electro Corp.
• Saga Prefecture
• Saishunkan System Co., Ltd.
• Sansan Inc.
• Sanwa Comtec K.k.
• Sanyo Fast Co.
• Sb Creative Corp.
• Secureinnovation Inc.
• Seedsware Corp.
• Shachihata Inc.
• Shanon Inc.
• Shift Inc.
• Shimafuji Electric Inc.
• Shin-nihon Computer Management Co., Ltd.
• Shinohara Electric Co., Ltd.
• Shinzenbi Japan Ltd.
• Silver Egg Technology Co., Ltd.
• Silverwin Corp.
• Skkynet Co., Ltd.
• Skycom Corp.
• Smart Shopping Inc.
• Smarthr, Inc.
• Softcamp Co., Ltd.
• Software Research Associates Inc.
• Soho Co.
• Solidworks Japan K.k.
• Somethingfun Inc.
• Sonas Inc.
• Sony Network Communications Inc.
• Sparx Systems Japan Co., Ltd.
• Ss1
• Startia Lab Inc.
• Startiaraise Inc.
• Stratus Technologies Japan Inc.
• Subgate Co., Ltd.
• Sumitomo Electric Infomation Systems Co., Ltd.
• Supreme System Co., Ltd
• Surens Inffotek
• Suzuyo Co., Ltd.
• System's Co., Ltd.
• Systems Nakashima Co., Ltd.
• T's Future Co., Ltd.
• Techmatrix Co.
• Techno Horizon Co., Ltd.
• Technoa Inc.
• Technotree Co., Ltd.
• Techtouch Inc.
• Ten Corp.
• Tenda Co., Ltd.
• The Room4d Co., Ltd.
• Thine Electronics Inc.
• Thk Co., Ltd.
• Thunder Cloud Alliance
• Ti Planning Co., Ltd.
• Tileflow Japan Inc.
• Toa Musendenki Co., Ltd.
• Tokyo Electron Device Nagasaki Ltd.
• Tomato Land Co., Ltd.
• Totec Amenity Ltd.
• Toyo Denki Seizo K.k.
• Truestar Inc.
• Trustkey Co., Ltd.
• Uber Corp.
• Unifinity Inc.
• United Gate Co., Ltd.
• Universal Knowledge Inc.
• User Local Inc.
• User Local Inc.
• V-net Aaeon Co., Ltd.
• Valtes Co., Ltd.
• Valtes Mobile Technology Co.,
• Venustech Japan Inc.
• Ves Co., Ltd.
• Vnext Japan Co., Ltd.
• Welcom Design K.k.
• Widetec Co., Ltd.
• Winas Inc.
•, Ltd.
• Works Applications Co., Ltd.
• Xyz Corporation
• Yamaguchi Prefecture
• Yappli Inc.
• Yoshikawa Kogyo Co., Ltd.
• Yume Technology Co., Ltd.
• Zenmu Tech Inc.
• Zeta Inc