Mandalay Bay
Mandalay Bay, 3950 South Las Vegas Boulevard

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Event Date Mon Oct 4 PDT - Wed Oct 6 PDT (9 months ago)
In your timezone (EDT): Mon Oct 4 8:00pm - Thu Oct 7 2:00am
Location Mandalay Bay
3950 South Las Vegas Boulevard
Region Americas

What You Will Hear?
• Learn how data analytics, AI, and 3D printing are revolutionizing building design and construction
• Meet the latest wave of companies streamlining home insurance, titles, mortgages, and closings
• Find out how major real estate firms are using tech to profitably implement ESG and become more efficient
• Learn about the fractional ownership and creative financing models upending single-family and multi-family
• Hear how co-working, co-living, and flex spaces are adapting their models to come out of COVID even stronger
• Demo the digital products and services that are helping major players make smarter decisions in building sourcing, maintenance and operations
• Dive deep into the ibuying phenomenon, and its wide-ranging implications for single-family owners and brokers
• See the ways that new tech can be applied across real estate asset classes, and up and down the value chain

Who Should Attend?
Blueprint sits at the intersection of:
• Entrepreneurs
Network with investors, fellow innovators, and develop partnerships with leading participants in the industry. Learn what investors across the globe are eager to fund. Understand the mindset of the industry and gain a better grasp of where the market is heading.

• Venture Investors
Gain visibility into companies across the full range of stages and strategies. Understand the competitive landscape and the mindset of likely acquirers across the globe. Meet thought leaders and leave with deep insight into the forces shaping the industry.

• Industry Executives
Connect with entrepreneurs and explore commercial relationships See the leading edge across all asset classes, business models, and technologies ranging from AI/big data, computer vision, construction tech, coliving, tenant experience, drones, blockchain, 3-D printing, and more. Engage with peers - 70% of whom are VP & above.


2021 Speakers

Andrew Ackerman
Venture Partner, Dreamit Ventures

Salman Ahmad
CEO and Co-Founder, Mosaic

Dafna Akiva
Cro & Co-Founder, Veev

Min Alexander
CEO & Co-Founder, Punchlistusa

Carey Armstrong
Cro & Co-Founder, Tomo

Arie Barendrecht
CEO & Founder, Wiredscore

Demetrios Barnes
COO & Co-Founder, Smartrent

Ryan Baxter
Co-Founder, Proptech Challenge

Gary Beasley
CEO & Co-Founder, Roofstock

Robyn Beavers
CEO & Co-Founder, Blueprint Power

Ian Bel
CEO & Managing Member, Olive Tree Holdings

Liza Benson
Partner, Moderne Ventures

Jeremy Bernard
CEO, North America, Essensys

Breton Birkhofer
Director of Venture Investments, Divcowest

Ben Birnbaum
Partner, Keyframe Capital

Sean Black
CEO & Co-Founder, Blackre

Matt Boras
Senior Vice President, RXR

Steve Boyack
COO, Student Living, CA Ventures

Laura Cain
CEO & Co-Founder, Willow Servicing

Nick Carter
CEO & Founder, Ingenious

Madhu Chamarty
CEO & Co-Founder, Beyondhq

Alex Chatzieleftheriou
CEO & Co-Founder, Blueground

Vik Chawla
Partner, Fifth Wall

Jit Kee Chin
Chief Data & Innovation Officer, Suffolk Construction

Erez Cohen
CEO & Co-Founder, Knock

Kathleen Collins
COO, Shelter Acquisition Corporation

Travis Connors
General Partner & Co-Founder, Building Ventures

Courtney Cooper
Principal, Alate Partners

Calvin Cooper
CEO & Co-Founder, Rhove

Khalid David
CEO & Founder, Tracflo

Simon Davis
SVP Workplace Experience, Impec Group

Adam Demuyakor
Managing Partner, Wilshire Lane Partners

Brad Dockser
CEO & Co-Founder, Green Generation

Alexey Dubov
COO & Co-Founder, Mighty Buildings

Dana Dunford
CEO, Hemlane

Scott Durkin
CEO, Douglas Elliman

Dave Eisenberg
Founding Partner, Zigg Capital

Sam Eisler
Investor, Tusk Venture Partners

Matt Ellis
CEO & Founder, Measurabl

Franco Faraudo
Co-Founder, Propmodo

Eric Feder
President, Lenx

Daniel Fetner
Principal, Alpaca VC

Elie Finegold
Head of Tech Investments, Crow Holdings

Andrew Flint
Co-Founder, Occupier

Linda Foggie
Evp & Head of the East USA, Turner & Townsend

Joanna Frank
CEO & Founding President, Center for Active Design

Jason Fudin
CEO & Co-Founder, Whyhotel

Gonzalo Galindo
Head, Cemex Ventures

Thais Galli
Head of Innovation, Tishman Speyer

Rahul Gandhi
CEO & Co-Founder, Makespace

Akshay Gandhi
Partner, Olive Tree Ventures

Chase Garbarino
CEO & Co-Founder, Hqo

Dave Garland
Managing Partner, Second Century Ventures

Nima Ghamsari
Head & Co-Founder, Blend

John Gianakopoulos
Senior Associate, Scale Venture Partners

Chase Gilbert
CEO & Founder, Built Technologies

Mark Gilbreath
CEO & Founder, Liquidspace

Steve Glenn
CEO, Plant Prefab

Dana Goldman Szekely
Sr. Principal, Greensoil Proptech Ventures

Dan Gorczycki
Managing Director, Truerate Services

Brad Greiwe
Managing Partner & Co-Founder, Fifth Wall

Laurent Grill
Partner, Jll Spark Global Ventures

Brad Hargreaves
CEO & Founder, Common

Scott Harmon
CEO & Co-Founder, Swivel

Kenneth Harris Ii
CTO, Project Etopia

Alec Hartman
CEO & Co-Founder, Welcome Homes

Nellie Hayat
Head of Workplace Transformation, Vergesense

David Hirschman
EVP & Chief Content Officer, Blueprint

Jamie Hodari
CEO & Co-Founder, Industrious

Matthew Hunt
SVP, ESG Officers, Hunt Companies

Zander Isaacson
CEO & Co-Founder, Xeal

Karl Jacob
CEO & Co-Founder, Loansnap

Brew Johnson
CEO & Co-Founder, Peerstreet

Katelyn Johnson
Managing Director, American Family Ventures

Jakob Jørgenson
Head of Technology, Cobod International

Jeevan Kalanithi
CEO, Openspace

Jarred Kessler
CEO & Co-Founder, Easyknock

Ardalan Khosrowpour
CEO & Co-Founder, Onsiteiq

Matt Knight
Founder, Proptech Angel Group

Micah Kotch
Managing Director, Urban-x

Thano Lambrinos
VP, Smart Building Tech, Quadreal

Katharine Lau
CEO & Co-Founder, Stuf

Darron Lawson
Svp/gm, Consumer Storage & Strategic Partnerships, Iron Mountain

Jindou Lee
CEO & Founder, Happyco

Nate Levin
Partner, First American Ventures

Lily Liu
CEO & Co-Founder, Piñata

Alex Lofton
Co-Founder, Landed

Lauren Long
Writer, Propmodo

Duke Long
Eir, Scv/reach

Will Lucas
CEO & Founder, Mint House

Andrew Luong
CEO & Co-Founder, Doorvest

Joe Maehler
Chief Acquisitions Officer, Pacaso

Michael Mahan
Managing Director, Stanley Ventures

Moiz Malik
CEO, Nooklyn

Adeel Mallick
CEO & Co-Founder, Humming Homes

Michael Mandel
CEO & Co-Founder, Compstak

Matt Mccambridge
CEO & Co-Founder, Eden Health

Brynne Mcnulty Rojas
CEO & Co-Founder, Habi

Ginny Miller
Principal, 1sharpe Ventures

Will Mitchell
CEO & Co-Founder, Rabbet

Grant Morgan
CEO & Co-Founder, R-zero

Neda Navab
President - East Region, Compass

Alex Nicoll
Reporter, Business Insider

Alex Niehenke
Partner, Scale VP

Mary Nitschke
Chief Sustainability Evangelist, Realpage

Jordan Nof
Managing Partner & Co-Founder, Tusk Venture Partners

Zach Noorani
Partner, Foundation Capital

Robert O'neill
CEO & Co-Founder, Haven Coliving

Taylor Odegard
CEO & Founder, Navigatorcre

Meirav Oren
CEO & Co-Founder, Versatile

Nish Patel
Managing Partner, Inertia Ventures

Dayu Dara Permuta
CEO & Founder, Pinhome

Nathan Pettyjohn
Ar/vr Lead, Lenovo

Federico Pomi
CEO & Founder, Fabrica

Olivia Ramos
CEO & Founder, Deepblocks

Cooper Ramsey
Vp, Strategy & Production, Truerate Services

Brian Ringley
Construction Tech Manager, Boston Dynamics

Clinton Robinson
CEO, Lane

Nick Romito
CEO, Vts

Eric Roseman
Managing Partner, Lincoln Property Company Ventures

Aaron Ru
Vice President, Ret Ventures

Rick Rudman
Chairman, CEO, President & Co-Founder, Curbio

Mike Rudoy
CEO & Co-Founder, Jetty

Dan Sachar
Managing Director, New Valley Ventures

Dareen Salama
CEO & Co-Founder, Gryps

L.d. Salmanson
CEO & Co-Founder, Cherre

Marcela Sapone
CEO & Co-Founder, Alfred

Paraag Sarva
CEO & Co-Founder, Rhino

Jonathan Scherr
CEO & Co-Founder, Juno

Shana Schlossberg
CEO & Founder, Upward Labs

Zak Schwarzman
General Partner, Metaprop

Tyler Scriven
CEO & Co-Founder, Saltbox

James Segil
President & Co-Founder, Openpath

Hemant Shah
CEO & Co-Founder, Archipelago

Alex Shtarkman
VP, Revolution Ventures

Kevin Shtofman
COO, Navigatorcre

Judah Siegel
SVP Investments, Brookfield Asset Management

Max Simkoff
CEO & Founder, Doma

Ryan Simonetti
CEO & Co-Founder, Convene

T. Raj Singh
Managing Partner, Jll Spark Global Ventures

Jackson Slavik
Evangelist & Consultant, Institutional Real Estate Technology

Gideon Soesman
Managing Partner & Co-Founder, Greensoil Proptech Ventures

Alison Staloch
CFO, Fundrise

Bill Staniford
CEO, Qira

Basil Starr
CEO & Founder, Palari Group

Josh Stech
CEO & Co-Founder, Sundae

Rodrigo Sánchez-ríos
President & Co-Founder, La Haus

Jesse Tepedino
Head of Real Estate Operations, Landis

Brey Tucker
Sr. Industry Manager, Autodesk

Drew Uher
CEO & Founder, Homelight

Steve Van Till
CEO & Founder, Brivo

Vik Venkatraman
General Manager, Blueprint

Thomas Walle
CEO & Co-Founder, Unacast

Assaf Wand
CEO & Co-Founder, Hippo

Nima Wedlake
Principal, Thomvest

Peter Weiss
Chief Real Estate Officer, Latch

Tigre Wenrich
CEO, Lab Ventures

Heather Widman
Principal, Building Ventures

Mike Winn
CEO & Co-Founder, Drone Deploy

Jenny Wong
Managing Director, Tishman Speyer

Joseph Woodbury
CEO & Founder, Neighbor

Michael Yang
Managing Partner, Omers Ventures

Christopher Yip
Partner & Managing Director, Ret Ventures

Sponsors & Partners

2021 Sponsors and Partners

• Cherre
• Navigator CRE
• Lab Ventures

• Archipelago
• Avenue One
• Brivo
• Douglas Elliman
• Drone Deploy
• Essensys
• HqO
• JLL Spark
• Modiv
• Rzero
• Truerate

• Barclays
• Curbio
• Latch
• Open Path
• Prudence
• Reach
• Second Century Ventures
• Spark
• Welcome

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