Flanders Meeting & Convention Center Antwerp
Flanders Meeting & Convention Center Antwerp, Koningin Astridplein 20, 2018 Antwerpen, Belgium

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Event Date Wed May 18 CEST (over 1 year ago)
In your timezone (EST): Tue May 17 6:00pm - Tue May 17 6:00pm
Location Flanders Meeting & Convention Center Antwerp
Koningin Astridplein 20, 2018 Antwerpen, Belgium
Region EMEA

It boldly presents a future where technology profoundly changes the way we live – for the better. As daring as some of the presented visions may be, they are bound to inspire you and spark ideas for your own smart innovations.

The stage of this event will be taken by some of the most sought-after speakers and their talks will leave a lasting impression.

Learn from these amazing visionaries how technology will change the society of tomorrow. Pick smart ideas, get inspired and dare to take a different angle to realize the impossible.

Why attend?
This is the perfect track to be amazed by innovative creations, to pick smart ideas, to get inspired and be motivated to take a different angle and realize the impossible.


2022 Speakers


Alex Aravanis
Chief Technology Officer & Head of Research and Product Development, Illumina

Tim Archer
President & Chief Executive Officer, Lam Research

Nikolai Ardey
Executive Director, Volkswagen Group Innovation

Ralf Bornefeld
Senior Vice President Automotive Electronics, Bosch

Lars Reger
Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, NXP Semiconductors

Rutger Wijburg
Chief Operating Officer, Infineon

Inge Arents
Managing Director, Flanders’ FOOD

Jens Baetens
Business Advisor and Tool Developer, ENTRAS

Valérie Barlet
Senior Project leader, AGC Glass Worldwide Strategy Office, AGC Glass Company

Karl Boumans
Innovation Manager, flanders’ FOOD

Sarah Chandler
Senior Director, Environment and Supply Chain Innovation, Apple

Tanguy Coenen
Strategic Project Development Lead Digital Transformation Department, imec

Nadine Collaert
Program Director High-Speed Analog/RF, imec

Michael Peeters
Vice President R&D for Connectivity, imec

Hans Constandt
Program Manager Belgian Health Data Authority, Federal Health Data Autority

Kevin Corcoran
Chief Executive Officer, Nooma Bio

Guy Cosyns
Director of Data Management, Fluvius

Peter De Jaeger
Chief Innovation Officer, AZ Delta

Veerle De Graef
Innovation Manager, Flanders' FOOD

Fabrizio Del Maffeo
Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, Axelera AI

Ozgur Gursoy
Senior Business Development Manager, imec.IC-link

Elise Descamps
Team Lead Venture Acceleration Managers, imec.istart

Freija Descamps
Managing Partner, edenceHealth

Karin Scheerlinck
Chief Operating Officer, Surgi-tec

Joke Vanlangenaeker
Lawyer, Resolut

Gert Van Assche
Chief Medical Officer, UZLeuven

Patrick Devos
Business Development Manager, Flux50

Ilse Espino Barros
Data Quality Officer + Manu Lindekens - CIO, GIS International

Edith Feskens
Professor Global Nutrition, Wageningen University & Research

Uri Frank
VP Engineering, Google

Pat Gelsinger
Chief Executive Officer, Intel

Huw Hampson-Jones
Chief Executive Officer, Solithor

Olivier Rousseaux
Director Venture Development, imec

Mark Hartney
Breakthrough Energy Ventures

Sean Kendall
Principal, Arch Venture Partners

Gerry Maguire
General Partner, Atlantic Bridge

Amir Salek
Senior Managing Director, Cerberus Capital Management & Partner, Tracker Capital

Kimberly Hermans
Business Director AI & Data Science, Ordina

Hilde Jans
Project Manager Bio-Photonics, Life Science Technologies, imec

Xavier Rottenberg
Fellow phoXonic Sensors and Actuators, imec

Dirk Jocquet
Information Technology Project Leader, VIL

Dominique Kindt
Managing Director, With

Frederik Loeckx
Managing Director, Flux50

Ann Van Gysel
Chief Executive Officer, flanders.healthTech

Eric Verlinden
Manager Research, VIL

Sean Lord
Chief Executive Officer, Micledi

Cyril Vančura
Partner, imec.xpand

Ann Mettler
Vice President, Europe, Breakthrough Energy

Anand Narasimhan
General Manager, Cloud Supply Chain Sustainability, Microsoft

Lars-Ake Ragnarsson
Program Director Sustainable Semiconductor Technologies and Systems, imec

Kris Neyens
Manager Internationalisation, VIL

Peter Ohms
Operation Director, Pomuni Frozen

Jef Poortmans
Program Director PV and Energy Activities / Fellow, imec & R&D Strategy Coordinator, EnergyVille

Jan Rabaey
Professor in the Graduate School, EECS Dept, University of California, Berkeley & Chief Technology Officer System Technology Co-Optimization, imec

Lars Roba
Innovation Manager, Flanders' FOOD

Frédéric René Sallmann
Head Global R&D Disruptive Innovation Management , GSK

Bruce Schneier
Chief of Security Architecture, Inrupt

Bart Smets
Principal Scientist JRD Data Science, Janssen Pharmaceutica

Chantal Steegers
Public Policy & Affairs Manager, Health-RI

Paul Stoffels
Chief Executive Officer, Galapagos

Matthias Strobbe
Business Developer Smart Energy & Smart Buildings, IDLab, an imec research group at Ghent University, and EnergyVille

Kris Van de Voorde
Business Program Manager, imec

Wouter Van den Bosch
Program Manager & Cluster Lead Public Health, imec

Luc Van den hove
President & Chief Executive Officer, imec

Bram Van Genabet
Global Digital Innovation Manager - OSCO Innovation & Technology, Barry Callebaut

Sofie Van Hoecke
Associate Professor, IDLab, an imec research group at Ghent University

Chris Van Hoof
Vice President R&D, imec / General Manager, OnePlanet Research Center

Henk Vansteenkiste
Operational Director, HICT

Pepijn Verhaeghe
Lean Manager, Vandemoortele

Piet Verhoeve
Director Innovation, flanders.healthTech

Ursula von der Leyen
President, European Commission

Peter Wennink
President & Chief Executive Officer, ASML

Roel Wuyts
Manager ExaScience Life Lab, imec

Zhong Xu
Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, Deliverect

David Zenner
Head of Customers, ELIA


Jo De Boeck
Executive Vice President & Chief Strategy Officer, imec

Peter Vanbekbergen
Partner, imec.xpand

Sponsors & Partners

2022 Sponsors and Partners

• Western Digital

• Nokia
• EV Group

• FUJIFILM Electronic Materials
• KLA Corp
• Screen Semiconductor Solutions Co., Ltd
• Tokyo Electron Limited (TEL)


• Flanders’ FOOD
• flanders.healthTech
• Flux50
• KBC Securities DeepTech Summit

• BlueHealth Innovation Center
• European Semiconductor Industry Association (ESIA)
• Leuven MindGate