TBA, Shanghai, China

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Event Date Thu Sep 23 CST - Fri Sep 24 CST (about 1 year ago)
In your timezone (EST): Wed Sep 22 9:00pm - Fri Sep 24 6:30am
Location TBA
Shanghai, China
Region APAC

In recent years, the overall growth rate of China's insurance premiums has declined, and industry growth has faced bottlenecks. The extensive development model that has been relied on for a long time is no longer applicable, and the industry urgently needs to transform to survive.

The serious homogeneity of products in the Chinese insurance market has made marketing channels occupy an important position, and the industry has basically formed a consensus that "the one who gets the channel will get the world". In addition, insurance sales are mainly based on channel marketing, and it is difficult to share information and data across channels, and they are not interoperable, causing problems such as the inability of insurance companies to provide consistent services, low management efficiency, and severely affecting customer experience. Therefore, marketing and channel changes are crucial to the smooth transformation of China's insurance industry.

Traditional insurance marketing channels are facing disruption and reconstruction. The reform of personal insurance in the balance of quantity and quality, the transformation of bancassurance in the contest of scale and value, the innovation of online marketing in the coexistence of the red ocean and the blue ocean, the rise of intermediaries in the coexistence of difficulties and prosperity, the choice of e-commerce in the dilemma of forward and backward, etc. Wait. While the insurance industry has to break through the huge inertia of relying on traditional marketing paths, while overcoming the huge challenge of building a new customer acquisition model, the pain is inevitable, and the new students are more worth looking forward to. New customers and insurance marketing in the new era will pay more attention to customers, value and ecology. Technology and digitalization will empower China's insurance marketing and channel transformation.

The 2021 China Insurance Marketing and Channel Innovation Summit aims to bring together the entire industry to discuss the overall transformation of insurance marketing and sales, personal insurance, bancassurance, digital marketing, marketing technology, intermediary, new media, channel integration, customer-centric trends and other aspects of transformation And innovation.


2021 Speakers

Dr. Fei Yao
Vice president, China Insurance Society

Mr. Sheng Baoliang
President and Chief Executive Officer, U.S.-China Insurance Promotion Association

Mr. Zheng Yi
Chairman of the board, Hengan Standard Life

Dr. Liu Dawei
Vice President, Taikang Insurance Group, General Manager, Taikang Online

Mr. Zhang Yanan
Assistant to General Manager, Sunshine Insurance Group

Mr. Yu Hua
Deputy General Manager, Everyone Life

Mr. Gao Wuji
General manager, Evergrande Insurance Brokers Co., Ltd.

Ms. Susanna Akten
CEO of Global Digital Banking and Insurance Cooperation, Netherlands International Group

Dr. Si Cunwei
Managing Director of China, International Life Insurance Marketing Research Association

Mr. Du Yanbin
Assistant President and Chief Technology Innovation Officer, Taikang Life Insurance

Mr. Ma Xu
Vice President & Chief Data Officer, Sino-British Life

Mr. Shen Wei
General Manager of Golden Butler, Ping An Life

Dr. Yong Peng
Chief Scientist, Bao Zhuniu

Mr. Xia Qingshou
Deputy Director of User Experience Center, Minsheng Life

Mr. Zhao Yan
Deputy General Manager, Guohua Life Insurance

Mr. Xu Jian
Assistant General Manager of Information Technology Center, Deputy General Manager of Innovation Department, China Re Group

Ms. Li Xuehe
Assistant General Manager, Zhonghong Insurance

Dr. Yao Ji
Director of Insurance Industry and Actuarial Services Consulting, Ernst & Young

Ms. Zhang Xi
Head of Marketing Product, ZhongAn Technology

Mr. Yang Tao
Chief Technology Officer & Co-founder, Fantai Geek

Tang Hanlin
President, Data treasure

Zhang Ming
Director of Product Operations, ZhongAn Technology

Cai Yi
Chief Marketing Officer, Xiao Ke Huixuan

Tian Jiao
Vice President of Business, Stack abbreviated data

Ms. Tian Jiao
Vice President of Business, Stack abbreviated data

Mr. Chen Liheng
Senior Partner & General Manager of Insurance Business Department, Beta data

Mr. Cheng Kaiyao
Vice President of Kejiji, Hangzhou Kejiji Network Technology Co., Ltd.

Chen Zuolin
Founder and CEO, Heavy numbers

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• China Health Information Week
• Make Headlines
• Fengming Finance
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• FX16
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