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Event Date Tue May 4 EEST - Fri May 7 EEST (6 months ago)
In your timezone (EDT): Tue May 4 2:00am - Fri May 7 9:15am
Location Virtual
Region EMEA

The Cloud Native Computing Foundation’s flagship conference gathers adopters and technologists from leading open source and cloud native communities virtually. Join containerd, CoreDNS, Envoy, etcd, Fluentd, Harbor, Helm, Jaeger, Kubernetes, Open Policy Agent, Prometheus, Rook, TiKV, TUF, Vitess, Argo, Buildpacks, CloudEvents, CNI, Contour, Cortex, CRI-O, Dragonfly, Falco, gRPC, KubeEdge, Linkerd, NATS, Notary, OpenTracing, Operator Framework, SPIFFE, SPIRE, and Thanos as the community gathers for four days to further the education and advancement of cloud native computing.


2021 Speakers


Stephen Augustus
Lead, Cloud Native Tools & Advocacy, VMware

Aeva Black
Open Source Program Manager, Microsoft

Constance Caramanolis
Principal Software Engineer, Splunk

Clayton Coleman
Architect for Kubernetes and OpenShift, Red Hat

Justin Cormack
Chief Technology Officer, Docker

Cheryl Hung
Director of Ecosystem, CNCF

Bob Killen
Program Manager, Google

Priyanka Sharma
General Manager, CNCF

Vuk Gojnic
Squad Leader, Container and Cloud-native Engine, Deutsche Telekom Technik

Briana Frank
Director of Product Management, IBM Cloud

Vijoy Pandey
Vice President, Engineering for Emerging Technologies & Incubation,Cisco

Brenda Chan
Director of Engineering, VMware Tanzu Developer Experience

Liz Rice
Chief Open Source Officer, Isovalent & Chair, Technical Oversight Committee, CNCF

William Morgan
Chief Executive Officer, Buoyant

Vaibhav Kamra
Chief Technology Officer, Kasten by Veeam


David Adams
Sr. Principal Tech Marketing Engineer, Dell Technologies

Kemal Akkoyun
Software Engineer, Red Hat

Manas Alekar
Senior Software Engineer, Netflix

Theodore Alexandrov
Team Leader, European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL)

Karena Angell
Principal Product Manager, Red Hat

Abubakar Siddiq Ango
Developer Evangelism Program Manager, GitLab

Chris Aniszczyk
CTO, Cloud Native Computing Foundation

Jiří Appl
Principal Software Engineer, Microsoft

Ricardo Aravena
Infrastructure Manager, Rakuten

David Aronchick
Program Manager, Azure, Microsoft

Zain Asgar
GVP & Product GM - Pixie @ New Relic. Adjunct professor computer...

JJ Asghar
Developer Advocate, IBM Cloud

Harry Bagdi
Software Engineer, Kong Inc.

Kingdon Barrett
Open Source Support Engineer, Weaveworks

Matthew Bates
CTO, Jetstack

Lutz Behnke
Senior Cloud Engineer, finleap connect GmbH

Josh Berkus
Community Architect, Red Hat

Laurent Bernaille
Staff Engineer, Datadog

Mauricio Vásquez Bernal
Software Engineer, Kinvolk

Joe Betz
Software Engineer, Google

Ryan Bezdicek
Sr Principle Software Engineer, Medtronic

Jeff Billimek
Principal Software Engineer, The Home Depot

Marcos Bjoerkelund
Member of Technical Staff, VMware

Anders F Björklund
System Developer, AFB

Christoph Blecker
Principal Site Reliability Engineer, Red Hat

Vibhav Bobade
Software Engineer, Red Hat

Marc Boorshtein
CTO, Tremolo Security, Inc.

Bryan Boreham
Distinguished Engineer, Weaveworks

Steven Borrelli
Principal Software Engineer, Mastercard

Dejan Bosanac
Software Engineer, Red Hat

Erin Boyd
Engineer, Apple

Frederic Branczyk
CEO & Founder, Polar Signals

Matthew Broberg
Managing Editor, Enable Architect, Red Hat

Jesse Brown
Software Engineer,

Nolan Brubaker
Tech Lead, Velero, Senior Member of Technical Staff, VMware

Jim Bugwadia
Founder and CEO, Nirmata

Matt Butcher
Open Source, Microsoft

Michael Cade
Senior Technologist, Kasten by Veeam

Lee Calcote
Founder, Layer5

Casey Callendrello
Principal Engineer, Red Hat

Nick Cameron
Senior Engineer, PingCAP

Taylor Carpenter
Senior Factotum and Chief Cat Herder, Vulk Coop

Richard Case
Tech Lead & Solution Architect, Weaveworks

Flavio Castelli
Distinguished Engineer, SUSE

Rodrigo Campos Catelin
Software Engineer, Kinvolk

Rémi Cattiau
CISO, Nuxeo

Gaby Moreno Cesar
Senior Product Designer, IBM

Jan Chaloupka
Senior Software Engineer, Red Hat

Darshan Chaudhary
Software Developer, Self

A Chetal
SIG-Security Technical Lead, TIAA

Aradhna Chetal

Murugappan Sevugan Chetty
Principal Engineer, Optum

Alex Chircop
CEO, StorageOS

Mark Church
Product Manager, GKE Networking

Liron Cohen
Site Reliability Engineer, Riskified

Ian Coldwater
Director of Software Engineering, Twilio

Mark Coleman
Director of Developer Relations, Equinix Metal

Miguel Pérez Colino
Principal Product Manager, Red Hat

Daniel Corbett
Director of Product & Marketing, HAProxy Technologies

Kat Cosgrove
Developer Advocate, JFrog

Dave Cremins
Software Architect, Intel

María Cruz
Program Manager, Google

Paul Curtis
Principal Solutions Architect, AWS

Mike Dame
Senior Software Engineer, Red Hat

Matei David
Software Engineer, Buoyant

Cornelia Davis
Chief Technology Officer, Weaveworks

Doug Davis
Technical Product Manager, IBM

Fatih Degirmenci
Principal Developer, Ericsson Software Technology

Gautier Delorme
Software Engineer, Apple

Vincent Demeester
Principal Software Engineer, Red Hat

Hongchao Deng
Staff Software Engineer, Alibaba Cloud

Jason DeTiberus
Senior Staff Software Engineer, Equinix Metal

Patrick Devine
Senior Staff Engineer, VMware

Leonardo Di Donato
Open Source Software Engineer Sysdig

Alison Dowdney
Customer Reliability Engineer, Weaveworks

Tasha Drew
Director of Product Incubation, VMware

Bowei Du
Staff Engineer, Google

Joe Elliott
Software Engineer, Grafana Labs

Eric Ernst
Software Developer, Apple

Juergen Etzlstorfer
Technology Strategist, Dynatrace

Matt Farina
Software Architect, Rancher Labs

Maksim Fedotov
Infrastructure Architect,

Daniel Feldman
Software Engineer, HPE

Kaslin Fields
Developer Advocate, Google

Raul Flamenco
Founder, Acopula Networks

Steve Flanders
Director of Engineering, Splunk

Lorenzo Fontana
Software Engineer, Sysdig

Dawn Foster
Director of Open Source Community Strategy, VMware

Emily Fox

Rajesh Gadiyar
VP and CTO, Network Platforms Group GM, Network Architecture, Intel

Karthik Gaekwad
Head of CloudNative Engineering, Verica

Katie Gamanji
Ecosystem Advocate, CNCF

Harshit Gangal
Software Engineer, PlanetScale

Antonio Ojea Garcia
Senior Software Engineer, RedHat

Blaine Gardner
Principal Software Engineer - OpenShift Container Storage, Red Hat

Renaud Gaubert
Software Engineer, Nvidia

Helen George
Product Manager, VMware

Phillip Gibson
Senior Program Manager at Microsoft, Microsoft Azure

Evan Gilman
Staff Software Engineer, VMware Tanzu

Prateek Gogia
Software Development Engineer, Amazon

Kate Goldenring
Software Engineer, Microsoft

Dejan Golubovic
Software Engineer, CERN

Thomas Graf
CTO, Isovalent

Leonardo Grasso
Open Source Software Engineer, Sysdig

Myles Gray
Staff Technical Architect, VMware

Alex Greene
Senior Software Engineer, Red Hat

Sascha Grunert
Senior Software Engineer, Red Hat

Anurag Gupta
Product Manager, Calyptia

Peeyush Gupta
Sr Developer Advocate, DigitalOcean

Sascha Haase
VP Edge, Kubermatic

Nicole Han
Member of Technical Staff, VMWare

Sébastien Han
Senior Principal Software Engineer, Red Hat

Christopher Hanson
Senior Associate Consultant, RX-M,llc.

Richard Hartmann
Community Director, Grafana Labs

Elana Hashman
Principal Software Engineer, Red Hat

Christian Hernandez
Technical Marketing Manager, Red Hat

Daniel Hiltgen
Senior Staff Engineer, VMware

Tim Hockin
Principal Engineer, Google

Quinton Hoole
Production Engineering, Facebook

Celeste Horgan
Senior Technical Writer, CNCF

Zuozheng Hu
Senior Engineer, Alibaba Cloud

Christian Hüning
Director Cloud Technologies, finleap connect

Peter Hunt
Software Engineer, Red Hat

Emma Indal
Web Engineer, Spotify

Natália Réka Ivánkó
Security Engineer, Isovalent

George Jaimon
Technical Marketing Engineer, NetApp

Marin Jankovski
Senior Engineering Manager, Infrastructure Scalability and Delivery, GitLab

Sana Jawad
Lead Software engineer, Salesforce

Hanzel Jesheen
Senior Software Engineer, Intuit

Radha Jhatakia
Program Manager, Google

Daniel Jiang
Software Engineer, VMware

Matt Johnson
Developer Advocate Lead, Bridgecrew

Jeana Jorgensen
Senior Director, Product Marketing - Infra, App Mod, and Developer, Google

Rahul Joshi
Software Engineer, Google

Daniel Kaar
Technology Strategist, Dynatrace

Miska Kaipiainen
Senior Director, Engineering, Mirantis

Alexander Kanevskiy
Cloud Software Architect, Intel

Sergey Kanzhelev
Staff Software Engineer, Google

Holden Karau
Software Engineer, Apple

Sean KcKenna
Principal Program Manager, Microsoft Azure

Tom Kerkhove
Azure Architect, Codit

Matt Klein
Software Engineer, Lyft

Kevin Klues
Principal Software Engineer, NVIDIA

Shotaro Kohama
Software Engineer, Machine Learning Platform, Mercari

Max Körbächer
Co-Founder & Manager Cloud Native Engineering, Liquid Reply

Ellen Körbes
Developer Relations, Tilt

Bridget Kromhout
Principal Program Manager, Microsoft

Mayank Kumar
Software Architect,

Joe Kutner
Software Architect,

Thomas Labarussias
SRE, Qonto

James Labocki
Director of Product Management, Red Hat

Hendrik Land
Solution Architect DevOps, NetApp

Steve Lasker
Principal PM Architect, Microsoft

Stephen Levine
Product Manager, VMware

Michael Lieberman
Senior Innovation Engineer, MUFG

Jacob Lisi
Senior Software Engineer, Grafana Labs

Krisztian Litkey
Cloud Software Engineer, Intel

Guangya Liu
Senior Technical Staff Member, IBM

Jiaqi Liu
Lead Software Engineer, University of Chicago

Zixiong Liu
Software Engineer, PingCAP

Joshua Lock
Staff Open Source Engineer, VMware

Rafael Fernández López
Senior Software Engineer, SUSE

Mario Loria
Senior SRE II, Carta

Jerry Lozano
Senior Consultant, RX-M LLC

Adrian Ludwin
Senior Software Engineer, Google

Di’an Luo
Infrastructure Engineer, PingCAP

Jim Ma
Senior Engineer, Ant Group

Zach Mandeville

Daniel Mangum
Senior Software Engineer, Upbound

Tom Manville
Director of Engineering, Kasten by Veeam

Guillaume Sauvage De Saint Marc
Director of Engineering, Cisco

Kara de la Marck
Open Source Developer Relations, CloudBees

Lucas Servén Marín
Principal Software Engineer, Red Hat

John Matthews
Manager/Senior Principal Software Engineer, Red Hat

Seth McCombs
Software Development Engineer III, Workday

Billy McFall
Sr. Principal Software Engineer, Red Hat

David McKay
Senior Developer Advocate, Equinix Metal

Jonathan Meadows
Managing Director, Cyber Security, Citi

Thomas Meadows
Solutions Engineer, Jetstack

Michael Medellin
Director of Engineering, Department of Defense

Sergio Méndez
Universidad San Carlos de Guatemala, Professor/SRE

Sudeep Modi
Software Engineer, Google

Urvashi Mohnani
Senior Software Engineer, Red Hat

Quentin Monnet
Software Engineer, Isovalent

Joshua Moody
Staff Software Engineer, Rancher

Amanda Moran
Software Engineer, Apple

Michael Morello
Principal Software Engineer, Elastic

Adrián Moreno
Senior Software Engineer, Red Hat

Jason Morgan
Co-chair, CNCF Business Value Subcommittee & Developer Evangelist, Buoyant

Paul Morie
Sr. Principal Software Engineer, Red Hat

Eric Mountain
Senior Engineer, Datadog

Marcel Müller
Platform Engineer, Giant Swarm

Bill Mulligan
Marketing Manager, Cloud Native Computing Foundation

Colleen Murphy
Senior Software Engineer, SUSE

Tommy Murphy
Software Engineer, Google

Dylan Murray
Senior Software Engineer, Red Hat

Masahiro Nakagawa
Principal Engineer, Treasure Data

Chirag Narang
Product Manager, Yugabyte

Ash Narkar
SIG-Security Technical Lead, Styra

Erik Nelson
Konveyor Engineering Manager, Red Hat

Andrew Newdigate
Distinguished Engineer, Infrastructure, GitLab

Michelle Nguyen
Principal Software Engineer - TLM, New Relic

Travis Nielsen
Senior Principal Software Engineer, Red Hat

Shlomi Noach
Software Engineer, PlanetScale

Conor Nolan
Software Engineer, Intel

Jussi Nummelin
Senior Principal Engineer, Mirantis Inc.

Fabio Oliveira
Research Scientist, IBM Research

Jeremy Olmsted-Thompson
Staff Software Engineer, Google

Samuel Ortiz
Principal Engineer, Intel

Kohei Ota
Solutions Architect, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Ken Owens
Vice President, Cyber Cloud Security, Fiserv

Catherine Paganini
Co-chair, CNCF Business Value Subcommittee & Head of Marketing, Buoyant

Srinivasan Parthasarathy
Research Scientist, IBM Research

Alay Patel
Senior Software Engineer, Red Hat

Mrunal Patel
Senior Principle Software Engineer, Red Hat

Saiyam Pathak
Director of technical evangelism, Civo

Janani Pathangi, MS
Distinguished Engineer, Optum

Diane Patton
Technical Marketing Engineer, NetApp

Carl J Pearson
UX Researcher, UserZoom

João Pereira
Software Engineer, VMware

Ronald Petty
Principal Consultant, RX-M LLC

Julien Pivotto
Open-Source Consultant, Inuits

Josuel Plasencia
Co-Founder & COO, Forefront

Jamie Poole
Compute Platform Engineering Manager, G-Research

Christian Posta
Global Field CTO,

Stefan Prodan
Developer Experience Engineer, Weaveworks

Alena Prokharchyk
Software Engineer, Apple

Lukas Pühringer
Research Associate, NYU, Tandon School of Engineering

Ara Pulido
Technical Evangelist, Datadog

Radhika Puthiyetath
Technical Writer, Sysdig

Josephene Pynadath
Senior Product Designer, VMware

Maciek Pytel
Senior Software Engineer, Google

Bartlomiej Płotka
Principal Software Engineer, Code Fresh & Red Hat

Mauricio Quevedo

Björn Rabenstein
Engineer, Grafana Labs

Nikhita Raghunath
Senior Engineer, VMware

Savitha Raghunathan
Senior Platform Engineer, MathWorks

Prithvi Raj
Software Engineer, Uber

Anish Ramasekar
Senior Software Engineer, Microsoft

Rajula Vineet Reddy

Jeff Regan
Senior Software Engineer, Google

Alois Reitbauer
Chief Technical Strategist, Dynatrace

Hongcai Ren
Senior software engineer, Huawei

Angel Rivera
Senior Developer Advocate, CircleCI

Ricardo Rocha
Computing Engineer, CERN

Predrag Rogic
Senior Software Engineering Manager

Mark Rossetti
Principal Software Engineer, Microsoft

Andrew Rynhard
CTO, talos-systems

Tabitha Sable
Systems Security Engineer, Datadog

Jan Šafránek
Principal Software Engineer, Red Hat

Jed Salazar
Cloud Security Engineer, Tesla

Waldemar Quevedo Salinas
Software Engineer, Synadia Communications, Inc

Konstantinos Samaras-Tsakiris

Carlos Sanchez
Senior Cloud Software Engineer, Adobe

Chris Sanders
Senior Program Manager, Microsoft

Prem Saraswat
Software Engineer Intern, Red Hat

Karthik Satchitanand
Software Architect, Mayadata

Alejandro Saucedo
Chief Scientist, The Institute for Ethical AI & Machine Learning

Sedef Savas
Software Engineer, VMware

Boskey Savla
Product Line Marketing Manager, VMware

David Schott

Kyle Schrade
Senior Software Engineer, StockX

Rob Scott
Software Engineer, Google

Abhijith Shenoy
Distinguished Engineer, Commvault

Oren Shomron
Staff Engineer, VMware

Chris Short
Principal Technical Marketing Manager, Red Hat

Hemanth Siddulugari
Principal software engineer, Salesforce

Eduardo Silva
Principal Engineer, Treasure Data

Steve Sloka
Sr. Member of Technical Staff, VMware

Carolyn Van Slyck
Principal Software Engineer, Microsoft

Aaron Small
Internal Cloud Engineering Lead, Invitae

Daniel Sover
Software Engineer, Red Hat

Raghavan Srinivas
Architect, InfoQ

Giedrius Statkevičius
Site Reliability Engineer, Vinted

Kalya Subramanian

Akihiro Suda
Software Engineer, NTT Corporation

Lin Sun
Director of Open Source,

Aish Sundar
Software Engineering Manager, Google

Tihomir Surdilovic
Developer Advocate, Temporal Technologies

Scott Surovich
Global Container Engineering Lead, HSBC

Rastislav Szabo
Software Engineer, Kubermatic

Maciej Szulik
Principal Software Engineer, Red Hat

Satoru Takeuchi
Software Developer, Cybozu, Inc,

Manik Taneja
Principal Product Manager, NetApp

Yong Tang
Director of Engineering,Ivanti

Ellis Tarn
Senior Software Development Engineer, Amazon

Andres Taylor
Software Engineer, PlanetScale

ALKIN Tezuysal
Sr. Technical Manager, PlanetScale

Richard Theis
Senior Software Engineer, IBM

Carlisia Thompson
Senior Member of Technical Staff, VMware

Gordon Tillman
Principal Software Engineer, Department of Defense F9 Team

Kohei Tokunaga
Software Engineer, NTT Corporation

Brad Topol
Distinguished Engineer, IBM

Johan Tordsson
CTO, Elastisys AB

Dominik Tornow
Principal Engineer, Cisco

Dario Tranchitella
Open Source Developer, CLASTIX

Nicholas Turner
Software Engineer, Amazon

Yulkendy Valdez
Co-Founder & CEO, Forefront

Goutham Veeramachaneni
Senior Software Engineer, Grafana Labs

Andrés Vega
Product, VMware Tanzu

Katrina Verey
Senior Software Engineer, Apple

Jay Vyas
Cloud Native Engineering Stuffs, VMware

Don Wake
Technical Marketing Engineer, HPE

Kevin Wang
Lead of cloud native open source team, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

William Wang
Software Architect, HuaWei

Xiangyu Wang
Principal Engineer II, Commvault

Yan Wang
Software Engineer, VMware

Ashley Ward
Technical Director, Office of the CTO, Palo Alto Networks

Matt Watts
Chief Evangelist Worldwide Enterprise & Commercial Field Organisation, NetApp

Liam Andrew White
Engineer, Tetrate

Marcin Wielgus
Staff Software Engineer, Google

Tom Wilkie
VP Product, Grafana Labs

Alex Williams
Founder and Publisher, The New Stack

Steven Wong
Software Engineer, VMware

Caleb Woodbine
Developer, -

Megan Yahya
Product Manager, Google LLC

Sheng Yang
Senior Engineering Manager, Rancher

Xing Yang
Tech Lead, VMware

Yang Yang
Software Engineer, Amazon

Ayberk Yilmaz
Software Engineer, Amazon

Ollie Young
Software Engineer, Improbable

Xiangqian Yu
Software Engineer, Google

Sahdev P. Zala
Senior Software Engineer, IBM

Eddie Zaneski
Senior Developer Advocate, Amazon Web Services

Pierre Zemb
Technical Leader, OVHcloud

Lei Zhang
Staff Engineer, Alibaba

Ti Zhou
Senior Architect, Baidu

Adam Zwickey
Director, Global Solutions Engineering, Tetrate

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