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Event Date Thu Sep 23 EDT - Fri Sep 24 EDT (in 3 months)
Location Virtual
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A trend that started in the lending industry well before the pandemic is now on everyone's agenda: the digital transformation boundaries have been pushed even forward and faster, an acceleration no lender can afford to miss. During times of change and crisis, a resilient lender is the one best positioned to emerge and thrive: but how does it look like? New business models and new players built from scratch are going to have an impact on the market: they're characterised by high levels of automation, and utter dedication for customer experience. Unseen are also the new required levels of flexibility and agility: these will feature the entire lifecycle of a loan, from application and scoring to disbursement and administration, all the way to smarter collection practices. Everyone is required to step up its game with segmenting clients, and change the way data are gathered and interpreted: as traditional financial data are losing relevance overnight, to incorporate alternative data and connect with borrowers' live cash flows (e.g. via accounting integration) will become a game changer, dividing successful lenders from those who will just trail behind.

• How a consumer lending proposition may work in challenging times and afterwards

• The power of open banking to unlock flexible SME funding solutions

• Is the next generation lender virtual, built from scratch and tech to the bone?

• A holistic approach using AI, APIs and mobile banking to make a borrower's life easier

• Adapt and re-optimise credit decisions: better data for accurate insights

​• Introducing end-to-end automated lending from scratch to support people in financial difficulty

​• Going smart and digital with collections: a defining moment to reconsider our approach in troubled times and beyond

It's not just belt tightening and reviewing of credit scoring parameters. The lending ecosystem received also a further push to foster partnerships and connect with third parties in order to boost the resilience of a fragile economy. New business models, revenue streams, funnels and ultimately new loan products are accompanying the shift from "borrowing to survive" to "borrowing to grow" again. Enabling factors such as technology and the willing to partner, will ensure first movers to have a better chance not only to survive but to thrive. However, the customer must remain the ultimate focus of it all: in the current paradigm expectations in speed and ease of use are definitely pushed to become mainstream. Will lenders be able to understand borrowers and deploy frictionless, low touch, digital lending experiences the likes of which are rolled out in their respective industries by Amazon, Netflix or Apple? As technology is relatively available, we will see if the customer experience arena is about to host the ultimate competition.

• Tools and tactics to exploit the e-commerce boom: are you on top of the POS financing game?

• More resilient during the pandemic, will it be crucial after it? POS lending & Buy Now Pay Later models

• Leverage technology to connect with SMEs for a resilient lending ecosystem

• Risk, risk and risk everywhere: stepping towards more effective post-COVID scoring and business models

• Floating in an ocean of lookalike lenders: how frictionless journeys become the ultimate differentiator in an almost level playing field

• The smooth borrower journey starts here: automated onboarding for secure instant lending

• Strengthening value propositions in lending: understand, recalibrate and react to re-emerge stronger

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