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The Edison Ballroom, 240 W 47th St, New York, NY 10036, USA

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Event Date Thu Feb 20 EST (almost 2 years ago)
Location The Edison Ballroom
240 W 47th St, New York, NY 10036, USA
Region Americas

DappRadar is the world-leading decentralized data analysis and aggregation platform and has become the starting point for dapp discovery and acts as a distribution channel for dapp developers that are looking to reach new consumers. DappRadar has tracked the daily metrics of over 2,800 dapps and 13,000 smart contracts across multiple blockchains inc Ethereum, EOS, and TRON.


2020 Speakers

Alex Atalh
Cto, Opensea

David Moore
CEO And Co-Founder, Knownorigin

Lou Kerner
Co-Founder And Partner, Cryptooracle

Or Perelman
Co-Founder, Chromaway

Amanda Cassatt
Advisor To Consensys (Former CMO)

Patrick Baron
Founder And CEO, The Blockchain Consulting Group

David Russek

Perianne Boring
Founder And President, The Chamber, Digital Commerce

Duncan Cock Foster
Co-Founder, Nifty Gateway

Gauthier Zuppinger
Co-Founder, Non-Fungible.Com

Ryan Berkun
Founder And CEO, Fabrx

Nate Geier
Founder, Mintbase

Ian Utile
CEO, Attn.Live

Skirmantas Januskas
CEO & Co-Founder, Dappradar

Christopher Lee
CMO, Fabrx

Jamiel Sheikh
CEO, Chainhause

Sang Chung
COO, Pydapp

Nithin Eapen
Founder, Chance River

Topper Bowers
Founder And CEO, Quorum Control

Jon Jordan
Director, Communications, Dappradar

Daniel Uribe
CEO And Co-Founder, Genobank.Io

Non Bauerle
Author, "The Satoshi Wedding Murders"

Vanessa Grellet
Executive Director, Consensys

Jonathan Perkins
Co-Founder, Superrare

Steve Mcgarry
Co-Founder, Growyourbase

Nichanan Kesonpat
Founder, st, Ours

Sid Kal
Co-Founder, Roll

Brian Christensen
Founder, Blockcities

Sebastien Borget
COO And Co-Founder, Pixowl Inc.

Misha Libman
Co-Founder And Head, Product, Snark.Art

Gordon Meyer
Founder, Enginebloc

Michael Arnold
Front End Engineer, Double Jump Tokyo

Bradley Feinstein
Head, Global Business Development, Consensys

Rene Schmidt
Project Lead, Chainbreakers

Marguerite Decourcelle
CEO, Blockade Games

Austin Griffith
Founder, Burner Wallet

Julien Genestoux
Founder And CEO, Unlock

Arnold Waldstein
Environmentalist And Writer

Josephine Bellini
Crypto Artist

David Pakman
Partner, Venrock

John Hargrave
CEO, Media Shower

Brantly Millegan
Ethereum Name Service

Alex Mashinsky
Founder, Celsius Network

Andreas Petersson
Managin Director, Capacity Blockchain

Billy Rennekamp
Co-Founder, Bin Studio

Biser Dimitrov
Enterprise Blockchain Architect, Tata Consultancy Services

Brad Kam
Co-Founder, Unstoppable Domains

Caty Tedman
Head, Partnerships, Dapper bs

Cudio Parrinello
Chief Executive Officer, Pnetwatch

Craig Russo
Co-Founder, Sludgefeed

Denham Preen
Founder, Wilards

Jeffrey Zirlin
Growth Lead, Axieinfinity

Jeremy Mcughlin
Associate, K&L Gates

Johan Unger Sweden
Co-Founder And Project Lead, Marblecards

Jon Jordan
Director, Communications, Dappradar

Jonas Hudson
Co-Founder, Greenfence

Michael Onghai
CEO, Snowy August Management

Michael Sena
Co-Founder And CEO, 3box

Paul Dimarzio
Director, Community, Enterprise Ethereum Alliance

Sang Chung
COO, Supertree.Co

Vandana Taxali
Founder And CEO, Artcryption

Zach Burks
Founder, Mintable.App

Peg Samuel
Strategic Consultant And Advisor

Pei Chen
Director, Consensys

Peter Bordes
Managing Director, Global Events, Coindesk

Peter Kieltyka
Co-Founder & CEO, Horizon Blockchain Games Inc

Preston Attebery
Founder, Blockcities

Quentin Herbrecht
CEO, Markchain

Reed Korach
CEO And Co-Founder, Showcase

Richard Dulude
Co-Founder & Partner, Underscore Vc

Ryoma Ito
Co-Founder And CMO, Makerspce

Vadim Koleoshkin
Co-Founder, Zerion

Viktor Rahenko
Founder, Trust Wallet

Vincent Niu
Founder & CEO, Dappreview

Andrew Horn
Lead Developer, Nft.Kred

Ayesha Kiani
Vice-President, Ledgerprime

Bobby Singh
Founder, Luxury Ledger

Devin Finzer
Co-Founder And CEO, Opensea

Avihu Levy
Head, Product, Starkware

Gunjan Mehta
Partnerships, Wyre

Jason Jones
Co-Founder And Board Member, Cardinal Rose Group

Jodee Rich
CEO, Nft.Kred

Graham Mcbain
Technical Marketing Manager, Status.Im

Karthik Iyer
Ambassador P2p Foundation

Michael Casey
Chief Content Officer, Coindesk

Stephen Wink
Partner, tham & Watkins

Wook Lim
Director, Samsung Electronics

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