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Event Date Thu Jun 17 EDT (over 1 year ago)
Location Virtual
Region Americas

Loans are subject to a myriad of federal lending compliance requirements, and, to make it even more complicated and confusing, the rules that apply will depend on the product itself - the purpose of the loan (consumer versus business, for example), whether the transaction is closed-end or open-end, and whether the transaction is secured or not.

This complexity leads to confusion as to what has to be done with a particular application and causes many violations.

This seminar approaches lending compliance from the perspective of the product – the way financial institutions organize their services – rather than the regulation. In particular, we will focus on origination and servicing obligations that are specific to certain products. For example, what are the requirements for a consumer, closed-end, unsecured loan? What about a commercial loan?

In addition to providing the regulations, information will be given in a checklist format so as to summarize and explain the regulations in a clear, precise manner. By presenting several types of products and concentrating on which regulations apply to a product, the seminar provides a valuable tool to those in the lending area to make lending compliance more accessible and intuitive to an institution’s processes.

What Loan Products are Covered:

1. Commercial Loans
2. Consumer Loans
• Unsecured, Vehicle, CD- or Share Secured
• Residential Loans – Closed-End
- Fixed
- ARMs
- Balloons
- Construction
- Refinance
- Home Equity
• Residential Loans – Open-End (HELOCs)
3. What Regulations are Addressed
• ECOA/Regulation B
• Truth-in-Lending/ Regulation Z
- Disclosures
- High-Cost/HPML/Ability-to-Repay Determinations
• Flood
• Military Lending Act

Who Should Attend?
This program is suitable for all personnel involved in the lending process; however, loan officers, loan processors, mortgage brokers, and closing staff/settlement agents may find the program particularly helpful. Compliance officers and auditors responsible for ensuring that the financial institution is fulfilling its regulatory responsibilities will find the program content a valuable aide.


2021 Speaker


Anetria Cohen
Vice President, ProBank Austin

Sponsors & Partners

2021 Partners

• Utah Bankers Association
• NC Bankers
• Montana Bankers Association
• Indiana Credit Union League
• IOWA Bankers
• PA Bankers
• Tri State League of Financial Institutions
• Maryland Bankers Association
• Louisiana Bankers Association
• Independent Bankers of Colorado
• Oregon Bankers Association
• Kentucky Bankers Association
• Washington Bankers Association
• Virginia Bankers Association
• Tennessee Bankers Association
• Idaho Bankers Association
• Indiana Bankers Association
• South Carolina Bankers Association
• NC Bankers Association
• New Mexico Bankers Association
• Oklahoma Bankers Association