Ali Shapiro

Senior Account Executive at North 6th Agency


  • North 6th Agency
    Senior Account Executive


  • Vice President of Sustainability at STRATIS IoT
  • CMO at The Vendry
  • EVP of Talent Development at North 6th Agency
  • Founder at FlowerHire
  • Co-Founder & CEO at Enviral Tech
  • Director, Energy Studies in Buildings Laboratory at University of Oregon
  • Founder and CEO at Willow Industries
  • Chief Client Officer at North 6th Agency (N6A)
  • Co-Founder and Executive Chairman at Even
  • Founder and CEO at Perfect Corp
  • Chief People Officer & Senior Vice President at Sweetwater
  • Co-Founder and co-CEO at North 6th Agency (N6A)
  • Co-Founder and CEO at Avvir
  • EVP & Co Founder at One Rockwell