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Corey Giasson
CEO at MustGrow Biologics
Latest: We are looking forward to working with Midam to get our story out there. MustGrow is an Ag-Biotech company with a unique technology and a great story to tell, and with Midam’s help well be able to ...
Heather Luiz
Senior Vice President, Absence Management at Sedgwick
Damian Glynn
Head of Financial Risk at Sedgwick at Sedgwick
Ken Pedotto
CEO at Eligo Energy
Latest: We are pleased that our demonstrated success has led to a significant increase in our capital funding, and the completion of this agreement marks another important step in providing capital for the...
Jean Hamon
Founder and CEO at Hivebrite
Latest: We’ve learned two major lessons after working with hundreds of customers these past few years. The first one is that people create communities for a number of different reasons. You may start a com...
Ronn Torossian
President, CEO and Founder at 5W Public Relations
Latest: Our Professional Services division continues to expand as we innovate and execute impactful campaigns with clients across the country. We're proud to have these efforts recognized by being named a ...
Jeff Holzmann
CEO at IIRR Management Services
Latest: IRM was founded in equal parts by iintoo and RREAF to serve the existing RealtyShares portfolio. The idea was to help an industry pioneer and one of the largest crowdfunding platforms in the world ...
Scott Richardson
Executive Vice President, Operations at Sedgwick

Executive Vice President Operations at Sedgwick

David North
CEO of Sedgwick claims management at Sedgwick
Latest: Many people misunderstand the claims industry and its place in business and everyday lives.