Amanda Reed

Senior Account Executive at Ketner Group Communications
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Senior Account Executive with Ketner Group Communications. Ketner Group Communications represents innovators that are reshaping the world we live in, including high-growth companies in retail, e-commerce, grocery and CPG, advertising and marketing, social media and consumer technology.


  • Ketner Group Communications
    Senior Account Executive
    started Mar 2018


Christoph Braunsberger
President at Anyline
Charlotte Kula-Przezwanski
Partner & Director of EMEA at Columbus Consulting

Charlotte Kula-Przezwanski is a partner at Columbus Consulting International (CCI). Charlotte joined CCI in September 2013 to head up EMEA and grow this territory. Prior to joining CCI, Charlotte h...

Stuart Aldridge
Principal at Columbus Consulting
LATEST: I agree with that vision, the technology is there. The technology is there but it’s in its infancy.
Brad Eckhart
Partner at Columbus Consulting
LATEST: The challenging part for Nike is convincing people they need to measure their feet in the first place. Most think they already know what their shoe size is.
Rich Pedott
Partner at Columbus Consulting
LATEST: Our goal is to offer full transparency to our customers as to where and how our jewelry is made. This means tracing the origin of the gemstones used as well as closely monitoring all of our product...
Jeff Fountaine
Director, Healthcare Vertical at Elo at Elo Touch Solutions
Daniel Binder
Partner at Columbus Consulting

Partner, Columbus Consulting

Laura Russell
Director of Strategy at Adlucent
LATEST: A pharmaceutical company sharing a meme may not resonate the same as one circulated by a fast food chain. A meme a day will keep your customers away.
Brian Kilcourse
Managing Partner at RSR Research
LATEST: I've said for years — and I'll stand by this — Target is America's best traditional retailer. They come across as an old school retailer but they're actually being quite innovative. They're doing a...
Jason Roussos
Senior Vice President, Strategy at Adlucent
LATEST: The inclusion of sponsored products in the Fresh category will simply accelerate the transition of ad dollars from the physical retail shelf to the digital aisle. Whereas some of these brands would...
Meyar Sheik
President, Chief Commerce Officer at Kibo Commerce
LATEST: Our partnership with Mapp promises to bring a wide range of benefits to our clients. Mapp’s cross-channel marketing and automation capabilities will allow our clients to boost and scale their effor...
Julia Lorenz-Olson
Co-Founder and Lead Marketer at The Art of Finance

At the Art of Finance, Julia primarily focuses on creating an authentic, approachable company. She’s a budget coach and loves helping clients unmask the reasons behind why they make the decisions t...

Paula Rosenblum
Blogger at Forbes Magazine
LATEST: The notion that innovation leads to growth may be the most enduring legacy of the Amazon effect, but innovation means different things to different people and companies. It’s encouraging to see tha...