Andrea Heuer

Senior Communications Advisor at Consort Partners


  • Consort Partners
    Senior Communications Advisor


  • Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer at Varo Money
  • Entrepreneur In Residence & Venture CEO at BBVA
  • Co-Founder & CEO at Scenic Advisement
  • President & Co-Founder at Scenic Advisement
  • Managing Partner at AV8 Ventures
  • Co-Founder & CEO at 10x Genomics
  • Founder and CEO at Wellpay
  • Founder & Managing Partner at Fort Ross Ventures
  • CEO at Udacity
  • Advisory Board Member and Mentor at Gameheads
  • M.D., M.A. at Johns Hopkins University
  • Venture Partner at Fort Ross Ventures
  • Chief Medical Officer at Caption Health
  • CEO and co-founder at Rune Labs