He, Him, El
Founder + Creator of Red Racer Books, a Kids Book Series, and Always Friday Co. , a Marketing Agency. Wife to Angela, Father of 2. 5 kids. Huge F1 fan.

Andy has always loved driving and the feeling of freedom it provides. While binge-watching TV during the pandemic, Andy and his wife were introduced to Formula 1 racing via the hit Netflix series Drive To Survive. It was love at first sight. They became enamored with the sport and its international reach, rich personalities, complex technology, mathematics, and the data-driven strategies employed by teams.

In 2021, Andy went to his first Grand Prix in Austin, Texas, and afterward introduced his kids, Blanca (7) and Joaquin (6), to karting. And since he’s a Miami Beach resident, he attends the new Miami Grand Prix. Through his books, Andy hopes to introduce a new generation of kids and their parents to Formula 1 in a way that celebrates the sport’s growing diversity.

Andy is the first person in his family born in the USA, after his parents immigrated from Uruguay in the 1960s. He has spent his career in advertising and marketing, much of which focused on multicultural marketing and diversity, a personal passion. You can see Andy’s bicultural approach with his characters and style, inspired by his experiences raising his kids. As such, diversity and inclusion are important themes, along with STEM, which are all emphasized in his books. Spanish versions are available of this book.