Barry Schwartz

President at Schwartz PR


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Barry Schwartz
President at Schwartz Public Relations Associates
Adam Coons
Certified Financial Analyst (CFA) and Portfolio Manager at Winthrop Capital Management
Tim Mullaney
Founder and President at Melius Investments
Latest: Melius and Smartleaf share a common vision of leading change within the investment industry. Smartleaf has changed the paradigm for managing client portfolios, and Melius is in the process of rede...
Rania Sedhom
Managing Partner at Sedhom Law Group, PLLC
Latest: The short answer is yes, unless you are a collectively bargained employee or have an employment contract. However, if you are an at-will employee, an employer can ask you to help with personal erra...
Matthew Erskine
Managing Partner at Erskine & Erskine
Latest: As they say, the strong business will hold together a weak family, and a strong family can hold together a weak business. But a weak family and a weak business is a recipe for disaster.
Greg Hahn
Chief Investment Officer at Winthrop Capital Management
Latest: Investment firms spend a lot of money on marketing dollars and the question becomes what your return on investing dollars will be.
Lee Gientke
Managing Partner at Pontifex Capital

Lee Gientke is a marketer and real estate development professional. His company, Pontifex Capital syndicates projects across multiple asset classes including multifamily, industrial and green field...