• Managing Director and Fixed-Income Portfolio Manager at Nuveen Asset Management
  • CIO at Flat World Partners
  • Vice President, Data analytics at Flat World Partners
  • CIO at Tiedemann Advisors
  • Senior Director of Responsible Investing at Nuveen Asset Management
  • Co-Head of Impact Investing at Tiedemann Advisors
  • Senior Vice President, National Tax Group at The Ayco Company, L.P., a Goldman Sachs Company
  • Managing Director, Head of Institutional and DC Learning and Development at Nuveen
  • CIO at Brentview Investment Management
  • SVP & Head of Coaching at The Ayco Company, L.P., a Goldman Sachs Company
  • Vice President, Benefits and Compensation at Ayco
  • SVP and Portfolio Manager at Aberdeen Standard Investments
  • Global Head of Alternative Investment Strategies at Aberdeen Standard Investments
  • Senior ESG Analyst at Aberdeen Standard Investments
  • Head of Family Governance and Education at Tiedemann Advisors