Chris Maxwell

Director of Public Relations and Media at American Association of Suicidology
#Suicide #Trauma #Mentalwellness #SocialMedia #Suicideawareness

Chris has worked in the suicide prevention and and crisis intervention field for the past 12 years, in local, regional, and national levels. He is passionate about understanding suicide, harnessing the capability of social media to prevent it, and strives to advocate for the voices of those with lived experience.

His mission is to collaborate with media companies and journalists to help them effectively communicate about suicide with the general public, the research behind its prevention, and to accurately talk about the scale of the problem. Chris works fervently to build relationships with media professionals, like he’s done with Netflix, Lionsgate, CBS/Viacom, HBO, YouTube, Riot Games, Washington Post, New York Times, MTV, TODAY, Good Morning America, ESPN, RollingStone, USA Today, CNN, BuzzFeed News, Newsweek, and more. He has consistently found ways to collaborate with artists, musicians, celebrities, and advocates (e.g. Andrew W.K., Kate Nash, Rachel Bloom, Congresswoman Susan Wild, the Biden/Harris Campaign, etc.) in non-traditional ways, better connecting to the public at large and creating larger exposure for the cause.

Mr. Maxwell is an advisory board member for, which allows people to donate their social media data to be used for mental health research and allow clinicians to create treatment tools. He also serves on the Board of Directors for the National Association of Crisis Organization Directors (NASCOD). Follow him on twitter @chrsmxwll.


  • American Association of Suicidology
    Director of Public Relations and Media
    started Jan 2018