Elliot Tomaeno

Founder & CEO at Astrsk PR


  • Astrsk PR
    Founder & CEO


Nick Reber
Founder and CEO at Garner Health
Latest: It turns out that people with the same socioeconomic backgrounds, medical circumstances, etc. can have very different outcomes.
Finnegan Shepard
co-founder and CEO at Both&

Finnegan is a trans author, classicist and entrepreneur with 1/3 of a PhD in philosophy from the University of Cambridge and 3/4s of an MFA in fiction from the University of New Mexico. He caught t...

Peter Hazlehurst
CEO at Synctera

Peter Hazlehurst is a Co-Founder and CEO of Synctera. Peter comes to Synctera with 25+ years of experience advising and building in the FinTech and financial services industries. He moved to the US...

Nadeem Nathoo
Co-Founder at The Knowledge Society (TKS)
Latest: If we can train Olympic-level athletes from a young age, why can't we train Olympic-level CEOs and innovators?
Jess Kennedy
CCO/General Counsel at Beeline
Latest: What’s really different about our technology is that it actually uses artificial intelligence to collect that data and verify it right away. A beeline is the shortest path to get somewhere and that...
Angelo D'Alessandro
Co-founder and CEO at BELLA

Angelo D’Alessandro is the Founder & CEO of BELLA Loves Me, a radical new upstart making kindness and empathy the foundation of the banking experience. With more than 20 years of experience in the ...

Bryan O'Connell
Co-founder and CEO at Huckleberry

Bryan O’Connell is the co-founder & CEO at Huckleberry, a platform with a mission to rebuild business insurance from the ground up by providing small business owners with the capability to manage a...

Erik Budde
Founder and CEO at GigaPoints

Erik Budde is a Silicon Valley-based entrepreneur who is passionate about travel and personal finance—especially credit card rewards, which he has used to pay for five-star travel around the world....

Ilian Georgiev
CEO and Co-Founder at Charlie
Latest: Our vision at Charlie has always been to build an AI that brings empathy, simplicity, and financial empowerment to anyone looking for help with their money. With this capital, we’re looking forward...