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    Publicist - Lifestyle, Food, Fashion and Business


Ahmer Inam
Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer at PacteraEDGE
Brian Byer
Vice President at Blue Fountain Media
Latest: There’s no doubt the COVID-19 pandemic has been a game-changing disruptor to the corporate workspace. We wanted to get a keener sense of how employees are managing the new reality of working remote...
Michelle McQuaid
Positive Psych Workplace Expert at Michelle McQuaid
Latest: Rituals shape the way our brains are feeling, thinking and acting. Rituals and the way they make us feel, actually set our brains up for the day about whether we’re going to be in this more expa...
Beth Horn
Managing Director at Sands Point Preserve
Mohamed Malim
Founder at Epimonia
Latest: With COVID-19 infection rates rising around the world, refugees living in camps face a very real, existential threat. With our Humanity-19 campaign, we’re donating 100% of the bracelet sale profits...
Lynn Munroe
Health Coach at Holistic Health Coach
Dan Drapeau
Head of Technology at Blue Fountain Media
Latest: A lot of Fortune 500 companies need a lot of groundwork for digital transformation before getting into voice strategy.
Yingwu Gao
VP of Product and AI at Pactera Edge

Yingwu Gao is the Head of the Engineering practice team, specializing in enterprise product engineering, AI, Data Science, Cloud and DevOps. Her team plays a vital role in defining and building new...