Jared Pobre and his wife Stacy Keibler are the Co-Founders of Caldera + Lab, a performance luxury skincare brand for men that harnesses pharmaceutical-grade science and nature's purest, most potent ingredients. Jared's personal wellness journey began when he met Stacy, who educated him on the importance of using non-toxic natural products and living a healthier, cleaner lifestyle. When they were pregnant with their first child in 2014, both Stacy and Jared transformed their lives, ensuring everything they used in and on their bodies was as organic, non-toxic, and sustainable as possible. This passion for clean living was the animating spirit for Caldera + Lab and its mission to produce clinically verified, uncompromised, natural formulas and a sustainable business model. Jared works closely with the Caldera + Lab team on a day-to-day basis, focusing on overall company strategy and product development as Caldera + Lab expands its offerings and expands its growing legion of fans.
Prior to his work at Caldera + Lab, Jared was a successful Tech Entrepreneur. He's the recipient of a variety of entrepreneurship and technology innovation awards, including Ernst and Young's Entrepreneur of the Year, The Inc. 500 Awards, and an American Business Award for Fastest Growing Company of the Year. An avid skier and biker, Jared currently resides in Jackson, Wyoming, with wife Stacey Keibler and their three children.