Justine Fuchs

Account Executive at North 6th Agency


  • North 6th Agency
    Account Executive


  • CEO at Electric AI
  • IT Technician at Electric AI
  • Senior Epidemiologist at Unity Band
  • VP of People at Electric AI
  • CEO at Fuse.it
  • Director of People Operations at Alloy
  • CEO at HelloTech
  • Co-Founder at Wyng
  • Manager, Solutions Consulting at Alloy
  • Chief Financial Officer at FYEO
  • SVP Finance and Operations at CruxOCM
  • Managing Director, Cybersecurity Solutions and Research Practice at BTBlock
  • CEO and co-founder at CruxOCM
  • President and Founder at klay media
  • CEO and co-founder at BTBlock
  • People Business Partner at Alloy
  • CEO at Octane
  • COO at Alloy
  • Chief Business Officer at Octane
  • Employee Relations Manager at Ada CX
  • co-founder and CEO at Ada CX