Maj Meah

Account Executive at Vested


  • Vested
    Account Executive


  • CEO at Episode Six
  • Head of Project Management at Taulia
  • CEO at Insurwave
  • Chief Commercial Officer at Insurwave
  • Founder & CEO at Nucleus Commercial Finance
  • Founder & CEO at VibePay
  • President & CEO at Taulia
  • Chief Technology Officer at Taulia
  • Chief Customer Officer at Taulia
  • Chief Financial Officer at Taulia
  • VP of Growth at Taulia
  • VP, Global Products at Taulia
  • Senior Director of Product at Taulia
  • Vice President, Professional Services at Taulia
  • Managing Director, Americas and APAC at Taulia
  • Chief of Staff at Taulia
  • MD, Head of Sales EMEA Region & Global Head of Capital Markets at Taulia
  • Head of APAC at Taulia