• Pace Public Relations
    Senior Account Executive
    started Dec 2019


  • Co-Founder and CMO at Harness Wealth
  • Senior Vice President at Commerce Street Peak Advisors
  • President and CEO at Commerce Street Holdings
  • Founder & CEO at Harness Wealth
  • Founder & CEO at King Operating Corporation
  • General Partner and Co-Founder at JumpScale
  • Financial Advisor at Payne Capital Management
  • Federal Attorney at Oberheiden P.C.
  • Senior Managing Director at Commerce Street Capital
  • CEO and Founder at Get a Rate
  • President, CEO, CRPC at Carver Financial Services
  • CEO at DatChat
  • CEO and Co-Founder at Beyond Capital Fund
  • CEO and Founder at CheckedUp
  • Chief of Staff at Concentric Advisors