• Interdependence Public Relations
    Vice President
    started Apr 2020


  • CEO at Telehealth Solution
  • Category Manager - Meat & Snack Alternatives at KeHE Distributors
  • Various Positions including Senior Analytics Translator at Gongos
  • CEO at HST Technology
  • State Senator at California State Senate
  • Co-Founder & Chairman at OneClick.chat
  • Administrator at Emerest Health of Missouri
  • Vice President Research & Development at IMV
  • Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Vioguard
  • Doctor at Boomer Naturals
  • CEO at Abra Kadabra Hair & Healing
  • Owner and CEO at Taylor Made Realty
  • Cofounder & CEO at Nanotronics
  • Co-Founder & Executive Vice President at BIAS Corp
  • CAMS - BSA Officer & Director of Compliance at DigitalMint
  • CEO & Founder at Trainiac
  • Founder and Managing Partner at Righteous Causes Inc.
  • Vice President of Research and Development at Nanotronics