paula gould

Founder & Lead Consultant at Float and gather ehf.

Paula Gould is a go-to-market and growth strategy consultant at Float and gather ehf., speaker and MarComm executive. She was previously Head of Brand & Communications at Men&Mice (acqu. by Stefnir SÍA III), CMO at Greenqloud (acqu. by NetApp), Board Member at CLARA (acqu. by Jive Software) and Principal at Frumtak Ventures, where she led international growth, brand and marketing initiatives internationally. She has extensive experience working with growth and startup companies from the US and Europe. Paula has held additional C-level, interim C-level and advisory roles throughout her career.

Prior to these appointments Paula owned PEG PR, a boutique Communications firm at the intersection of IT and entertainment, where she advised and nurtured the growth of clients ranging from social media, video and gaming platforms to a fuel cell manufacturer and notable award-winning artists.


  • Float and gather ehf.
    Founder & Lead Consultant
    started Sep 2019


  • Founder & Go-to-market and Growth Consultant at Float and gather ehf.