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Account Manager at FischTank PR


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Simon Calton
CEO and Founder at Carlton James Group
LATEST: There are two main reasons I believe in i2Media and their offerings: their industry focus and their leadership. They are deeply embedded into the extremely high-growth, multibillion-dollar industry...
Ari Rastegar
CEO at Rastegar Property Company
LATEST: Austin has cemented its status as one of America’s top cities for quality of life, economic growth, and job opportunity, as evidenced by the incredible pace at which people are moving here. Many of...
Kellie Rastegar
Creative Director and Co-Founder at Rastegar Property Company
LATEST: As we return to business as usual and many get back to work at the office, workplace health safety is a principal concern. How personnel utilize offices and collaborate within them is inherently ch...
Lindsay Engle
Medicare Expert at MedicareFAQ
LATEST: he biggest change to Medicare is that it will now provide full coverage for testing and any service leading up to the test. These “services” generally involve the remote examination by a primary ca...