Tanya Taylor, CPA, MBA
Tanya Taylor is the Founder & CEO of Grow Your Wealth helping people to ditch bad debt and create a 6 or 7 figure retirement income by learning how money works in 6 steps. So that they can build wealth without feeling financially stuck. You Can Reach her at @growyourealth10x. Grab her complete free training, The Art Of Wealth Creation.

Tanya has spent the past 23 years on Wall Street working for or with some of the largest international banks and insurance companies. As an undocumented immigrant arriving in America at 16 and seeing many people living paycheck to paycheck, she was committed to not just changing her life, but has spent the past 20+ years teaching individuals and small businesses how to transform their lives financially. Keeping promises she made to herself years ago, she has built a 7 figure retirement before age 50 and a $600k college portfolio for her children while traveling to 50+ countries and 30+ states.