As an Account Executive at Media Frenzy Global, I work with clients and companies disrupting their industry through digital transformation and innovation I have a full range of clients who will compliment any story you are working on around technology, business, diversity and inclusion, human resources, non-profit, sports, women in business, advertising, marketing, public relations and more.


  • Media Frenzy Global
    Account Executive


  • CEO at Vensure
  • Chief Executive Officer at Jellyfish
  • Chief Marketing Officer at Jellyfish
  • Vice President of Human Resources at BELAY
  • SVP of Client Development at Vensure
  • Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Media Frenzy Global
  • CEO at Avantra
  • Commerce Strategist at PFS Web at PFS
  • VP, Mobile Product at Jellyfish
  • Director Emerging Technology at Farm to Plate
  • VP of Talent at Jellyfish
  • Chief Strategy Officer at Intradiem