Aarni Heiskanen

Managing Partner at AE Partners Oy
On the record

I have a master’s degree in architecture, and I worked as an architect and architectural R&D manager for over a decade. Gradually, I grew more and more interested in innovative business development. I became an internet entrepreneur, and, later on, a certified management consultant (CMC).
Today, I’m a co-owner of AE Partners, a business development consultancy. AEC Business is our digital communication agency for construction industry trailblazers. I co-founded Thinking Portfolio, a company delivering project portfolio management SaaS to over 100,000 users in more than 50 countries.
I have an award-winning blog AEC Business and a podcast.
I have authored business books, including The Management Consulting Blueprint, and written articles for local and international publications, e.g. ISACA Journal and Global Construction Review.

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