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After graduating with a philosophy degree from the University of Bristol in 2018, Aaron became a researcher at news digest magazine The Week following a year as editor of satirical website The Whip. Freelancing alongside these roles, his work has appeared in publications such as Vice, Metro, Tablet and New Internationalist, as well as The Week's online edition.

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  • It's concerning that these particularly infectious types of disinformation aren't being stamped out in a more heavy-handed fashion. When recommendation algorithms fail to deal with these issues it throws into question what platforms like Instagram really are. It's also particularly worrying to see the dredging up of centuries-old anti-Semitic tropes layered on top of comparatively modern conspiracies as with QAnon.

    12 April 2021
  • Despite the fact that the data from this latest Facebook leak is from 2019, for many, much of the user information will still be the same, especially phone numbers. It is now likely that this info will be used as an exploitable database for various types of phishing and smishing scams and even possible identity fraud.

    12 April 2021
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